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Student Organization Email

Student Email (Office 365 account)
This account gives you access to your CSU-Pueblo school email. This email is used as your primary channel of communication for university matters, and CSU-Pueblo administers this account. If you are having difficulty accessing this account, you can contact the IT Help Desk at (719) 549 2002. Use Password Help to change your password.  
Cloud Storage (Personal Microsoft account)
This is now a personal account that has been detached from the prior Live@edu accounts.
Use <username> as your username, & your password will be the same as it was on August 16th 2013. Note that CSU-Pueblo no longer administers this account & as a result, passwords will have to go through Microsoft. If your account was created after August 16th, & you want free cloud storage, there is a OneDrive signup on the Microsoft login page. A new cloud storage option will be added to the Office 365 account shortly. Stay tuned for more information.