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Policies, Guidelines and Procedures

Policies are a set of basic principles to direct and limit actions in the pursuit of long-term goals.

Guidelines are recommended practices that allow some discretion in interpretation.
Procedures are basic step-by-step instructions that provide information on how to complete ongoing tasks on a regular basis.

Documentation empowers the people responsible for a process with the direction and consistency required for success. Well-written policies, guidelines, and procedures allow employees to understand their roles, responsibilities, and limits. Risks associated with activities that are of critical importance to the University such as health and safety, financial matters, legal liabilities, and regulatory requirements, are mitigated by well developed policies, guidelines and procedures.


• Cover University or department-wide issues
• Establish rules
• Explain why they exist, who they apply to, and when they apply
• Describe consequences


• Describe best practices
• Describe alternatives
• Provide direction to action or behavior


• Describe specific tasks (also known as desk procedures)
• Explain how to perform tasks
• Explain when to take actions
• Include emergency procedures
• Give examples and illustrations
• Are job specific
• Include communication and escalation procedures