Scholarship of Teaching Speaker during Convocation Dr. Craig Nelson, Professor Emeritus of Biology at Indiana University

Scholarship of Teaching That Really Matters: Key pedagogical changes that make a real difference in achievement, equity, and retention in any college or university classroom. Dr. Nelson’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning focuses on the scholarship of synthesis and application (per Boyer and Rice). When he began working in this area, it was clear that the empirical and theoretical base for much improved college teaching was well already in hand. The major effort needed was in developing ways to apply this base in the classroom. He has worked to develop such applications and to help other faculty understand the empirical and theoretical base, the most feasible ways to apply it, and the importance of doing both. Dr. Nelson was part of the committee that founded the prestigious Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program at IU.

Tentative Agenda:
8-8:30- Continental Breakfast
8:30-12:30-Dr. Craig Nelson
12:30-3:30- Lunch and Breakout Sessions

Derek Lopez