Faculty member featured on Green Up Colorado

Colorado State University-Pueblo Biology Professor Dan Caprioglio will be featured as part of a Rocky Mountain PBS documentary by Emmy award-winning director Lisa D. Olken, Green Up Colorado.  The one-hour film, which airs at 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, takes an unusual behind-the-scenes look at Colorado's local food movement, alternative energy projects, and a range of recycling and green jobs, with a diverse cross-section of artists, activists and social entrepreneurs who incorporate sustainability into their daily lives and stimulate change on a global level.  Viewers will learn from those incorporating sustainability into their daily lives and creating change on a global level.

Biology Professor Daniel CaprioglioCaprioglio’s segment focuses on the town of Fowler and how the town is going off grid and partnering with CSU-Pueblo’s scientists to study, test, and implement anaerobic digestion at the feedlots (creating energy from cow manure without the use of oxygen). In addition, the documentary talks about how CSU-Pueblo is testing Fowler’s waste water lagoon to help make it more sustainable and energy efficient.

Professor Caprioglio’s voice joins similar stories from a diverse cross section of Colorado artists, activists and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of the green movement, including Auden Schendler of Aspen Skiing Company, Denver recording artist/activist Ietef Vita, Eco-Cycle’s Eric Lombardi and Denver Botanic Gardens’ Brian Vogt. ​