Speech Communication (SPCOM)


SPCOM 103 Speaking and Listening 3(3-0)
Introduces principles of speaking and listening with emphasis on exposition and its application to public speaking. (F,S,SS)

SPCOM 116 Beginning Sign Language 3(3-0)
Introduction to the fundamentals of communicative interaction with and among the deaf by means of hand symbolization. (F)

SPCOM 211 Public Speaking (2-3 VAR)
Emphasis is placed upon audience analysis, proof, and speaker credibility in order to persuade audiences. Application made through classroom presentations and analysis of models. (*)

SPCOM 212 Argumentation 2(2-0)
Argumentation focuses on the methods advocates employ to make rational decisions and to win assent to others’ statements. Particular emphasis on the nature and skills of reasoned discourse. (*)

SPCOM 216 Intermediate Sign Language 3(3-0)
Study and application of the American Sign Language, including conversational skills, gestures and deaf cultures. Prerequisite: SPCOM 116 or permission of instructor. (S)

SPCOM 221 Interpersonal Communication 3(3-0)
The principles and skills of speaking applied to informal speaking situations. Topics covered include openness, genuineness, and talking appropriately to people. (*)

SPCOM 260 Language Acquisition and Linguistics 3(3-0)
Normal processes of development of language in children, growth of language, including structure, comprehension, use of oral and written language, other symbolic behavior. (F)

SPCOM 291 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*) Repeatable

SPCOM 295 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*) Repeatable

SPCOM 312 Persuasion (2-3 VAR)
Examination of the principles and theories of persuasion and their application to persuasive settings. Emphasis on using language to secure belief and action. Prerequisites: SPCOM 211, 212, or permission of instructor. (*)

SPCOM 335 (ENG, WS 335) Gender and Communication 3(3-0)
This course examines the ways that gender affects communication behaviors and helps develop an awareness of the processes that affect gender socialization and stereotyping. (*)

SPCOM 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*) Repeatable

SPCOM 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*) Repeatable