Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)


MET 105 It's a Material World 4(3-2)
Studies and laboratory experiments on modern materials, their behavior and their role in the environment. Review of materials' impact on society. (F,S)

MET 111 Introduction to Drafting 3(0-6)
Professional drafting techniques, lettering, line quality, scales and measurements to include metric, geometric constructions, orthographic projections, technical sketching, sectioning, isometric and auxiliary views. (F,S)

MET 112 Computer-aided Drafting 3(1-4)
Computer-aided drafting to include part modeling - create fully parametric feature-based models and generate engineering drawing. Assembly modeling – create assemblies and subassemblies. Prerequisite: MET 111 or equivalent experience. (F,S)

MET 203 Manufacturing Processes I 4(3-2)
Introduction to basic processing of materials into useful products. A study of materials selection process based on manufacturing operations. Laboratory study of manufacturing techniques. Prerequisite: MET 105. (F)

MET 204 Manufacturing Processes II 3(2-2)
A continuation of MET 203. Prerequisite: MET 203 or permission of instructor. (S)

MET 291 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

MET 311 Quality Control 3(3-0)
A study of quality control, program planning and production analysis. (S)

MET 315 Nondestructive Testing 3(2-2)
Determination of quality without change to the material through non-obtrusive examination. Laboratory using dye penetrants, X-ray, etc. to perform NDT. Prerequisite: MET 105. (F)

MET 322 Dynamics of Machinery 3(3-0)
Basic concepts and application of forces in dynamic and accelerated situations. Prerequisites: ET 202, ET 226 and MATH 126. (F)

MET 341 Thermal and Fluid Principles I 3(3-0)
An introduction to the basic principles of thermal and fluid energy and flow relationships. Prerequisites: ET 226, PHYS 202 and MATH 126. (F)

MET 352 Design of Machine Elements 3(2-2)
Fundamental concepts in the correct design of the separate elements which compose machines, application of properties and mechanics of materials modified by practical considerations. Prerequisite: ET 206. (F)

MET 356 Basic Design Principles 2(2-0)
A study of the progressive stages of investigating, designing, developing, building and testing of prototypes or models of mechanical processes or products. Prerequisite: MET 352. (S)

MET 361 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3(2-2)
A study of computer control in the manufacturing process. Laboratory in operation of computer control processes. Prerequisites: MET 204 and MATH 124. (S)

MET 371 CNC Machine Tools 3(2-2)
Principles of numerical control and computerized numerical control machine tool programming and operation. Fabricating parts and programming using CNC lathe and milling machines. Prerequisites: MET 204 and MATH 124. (S)

MET 441 Thermal and Fluid Principles II 3(2-2)
A study of the controlling factors that influence the design of thermal and fluid systems. Conduct experiments to confirm effects on these systems. Prerequisite: MET 341. (S)

MET 442 Design of Energy Systems 3(2-2)
A study of applied technology topics in the conversion, storage, and use of a variety of energy sources. Experimental study of selected energy technologies. Prerequisite: MET 441. (F)

MET 451 Industrial Robotics 3(2-2)
An inspection of the history of robotics. Study of control and application of robotics in society. Laboratory in programming and operation of robotics. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (F)

MET 452 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning 3(2-2)
Principles and applications of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). Extensive experimentation with a climate controlled laboratory to measure HVAC effectiveness. Prerequisite: MET 341. (S)

MET 456 Senior Project 2(1-2)
The design, analysis, and fabrication of a mechanical engineering technology project by student teams. Prerequisite: MET 356. (F)

MET 460 Instrumentation and Control Systems 3(2-2)
A study of the use of instrumentation in experimental measurements, laboratory and production environments, and control of processes. Laboratory study of instrumentation and control. Prerequisites: EET 250 and ET 206. (F)

MET 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior standing in MET. (*)

MET 493 Seminar (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior standing in MET. (*)

MET 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior standing in MET. (F,S,SS)

MET 496 Cooperative Education Placement (1-4 VAR)
Work experience under the direction of field supervisor and faculty member. Prerequisites: permission of co-op coordinator. (F,S,SS)