Marketing (MKTG)


MKTG 340 Principles of Marketing 3(3-0)
Analytical survey of problems encountered in distributing goods and services from a marketing-management approach with emphasis on the role of the consumer and the social responsibility of the marketer. Prerequisite: junior standing. (F,S)

MKTG 341 Sales Force Management 3(3-0)
Managing a sales force including recruiting, selection, training, compensation, supervision, stimulation and sales planning. Computer simulation used to do forecasting, budgeting, territory allocation, sales analysis and control. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 342 Promotional Strategy 3(3-0)
Principles, concepts and problems involved in development and management of advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion programs, activities in the global economy. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 343 Personal Selling 3(3-0)
persuasive personal communications in selling consumer and industrial products and services. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 345 Retail Management 3(3-0)
Issues in buying, maintaining inventory, displaying, designing store layouts, promoting, providing services and general merchandising of products for improving retail profitability. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 348 Consumer Behavior 3(3-0)
Survey of contributions of behavioral sciences to understanding and prediction of consumer behavior in the decision-making process. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 349 Marketing Service Businesses 3(3-0)
Marketing of service organizations, with emphasis on the health delivery, tourism, resort, and hospitality industries. Prerequisite: MKTG 340 or permission of instructor for non-business majors. (*)

MKTG 440 Marketing Research 3(3-0)
Fundamental techniques. Practical experience in research methodology: planning an investigation, questionnaires, sampling, interpretation of results, report preparation. Prerequisites: MKTG 340 and BUSAD 265. (*)

MKTG 441 Marketing Strategies 3(3-0)
Detailed consideration of process of formulating and implementing strategies in marketing. Major emphasis on markets, channels of distribution, and product analysis. Prerequisites: MKTG 340, 440, second semester seniors. (*)

MKTG 475 International Marketing 3(3-0)
Effects of culture, political and legal structures on marketing. Planning for international products, services, promotion, pricing, distribution and impact of trade groups. Prerequisite: MKTG 340. (*)

MKTG 490 Special Projects (1-6 VAR) (*)

MKTG 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)

MKTG 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisites: senior standing in School of Business and permission of department chair. (*)

MKTG 498 Internship (1-6 VAR)
Supervised field work in selected business, social and governmental organizations; supplemented by written reports. (S/U grading) Prerequisites: junior or senior standing in School of Business and permission of internship coordinator. (*)


MKTG 501 Fundamentals of Marketing 1.5(1.5-0)
This class prepares students in the conception, promotion, pricing and distribution of ideas, goods, and services from a marketing perspective. Prerequisite: admission to MBA. (*)

MKTG 540 Marketing Management 3(3-0)
Emphasizes an understanding of market behavior, coordination and implementation of the marketing mix with other managerial decisions, and the integration of theory through use of cases. Prerequisite: admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

MKTG 541 Strategic Marketing 3(3-0)
A thorough analysis of decision making in strategic marketing, in product and service industries, profit and non-profit institutions, using case analysis and readings. Prerequisite: admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (F)

MKTG 575 International Marketing 3(3-0)
An advanced analysis of marketing opportunities and challenges in the global environment and the evaluation and formulation of strategies of firms operating and expanding internationally. Prerequisite: MKTG 540. (F,S,SS)

MKTG 591 Special Topics 3(3-0) (*)

MKTG 592 Research (1-6 VAR)
The student will work under the close supervision of a graduate faculty member in basic or applied research resulting in a thesis or report of high academic quality. (IP and S/U grading) (F,S,SS)

MKTG 595 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Individual study of a subject determined by the instructor and student with permission of the director. Prerequisite: admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (F,S,SS)

MKTG 598 Internship (1-3 VAR)
Supervised field work in selected public, private government organizations, supplemented by written reports. Prerequisite: admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (S/U grading) (*)

MKTG 599 Thesis Research (1-6 VAR) (*)