Geography (GEOG)


GEOG 101 Physical Geography 3(3-0)
Three Earth spheres: the hydrosphere (oceanography, hydrologic cycle); the atmosphere (meteorology and climatology) and the lithosphere (geology, internal/external processes) are emphasized and examined. (F,S,SS)

GEOG 102 Cultural Geography 3(3-0)
Emphasis on cultural regions, cultural diffusion, and cultural landscape. Major themes are culture, population, agriculture, language and religion, ethnicity, urbanization, industry, and political geography. (F/S/SS)

GEOG 103 World Regional Geography 3(3-0)
The interconnectivity and interrelationship of the world regions by stressing physical, economic development, agricultural, cultural and population characteristics. Strengthening of one’s mental world map. (F,S)

GEOG 491 Special Topics 3(3-0)
Devoted to special topics in Geography (human, physical, and regional). Prerequisites: Jr. or Sr. standing with adequate preparation and permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)