Course Description Information

Colorado State University-Pueblo does not offer all the courses listed in this catalog every semester or every year.

Each semester the University creates an on-line course offering module listing a detailed schedule of courses offered and the times and places of instruction. Courses listed in the on-line course offering module are subject to change.


Numbering of Courses

Course numbering is based on the content level of material presented in courses.

Courses numbered:

000-099 remedial; do not count toward graduation
100-299 primarily for freshmen and sophomores (lower division)
300-499 primarily for juniors and seniors (upper division)
500-599 primarily for students enrolled in master’s degree programs or the equivalent.
600-699 Colorado State University (Fort Collins) courses offered at Colorado State University-Pueblo toward a master’s degree in English.

Variable credit courses
(1-3 VAR) indicates variable credit; the minimum and maximum credit limitations. An example:

494 Field Experience (1-5 VAR)
Off-campus individual experience providing transition from classroom instruction to on-the-job experience. Supervised by instructor and job supervisor. Prerequisite: senior standing and permission of instructor.

Cross-listed courses
Courses in which students may earn credit under either (but not both) of two prefixes (e.g., SOC or HIST) for the same offering.

 A requirement which must be taken concurrently with another course of instruction.

A requirement which must be fulfilled before a student can enroll in a particular course. Permission of the instructor for a student to attend a class is implied when the student has met the prerequisites specified by the department.

Cancellation of courses
The University reserves the right to cancel courses not selected by an adequate number of students or not suitably staffed by qualified faculty.


Course descriptions include a variety of symbols conveying essential information. The following standard course description with explanation of symbols serves as a model:

  102 Composition II 3(3-0)
  Sequentional course to provide intensive consideration of essay development and to introduce procedures and techniques in preparing the referenced paper. Prerequisite: ENG 101. (F,S,SS)
  102 course number
Composition II course title
3(3-0) number of credits (clock hours in lecture per week – clock hours in laboratory demonstration or studio experiences per week)
“Sequential course” explanation of course content
Prerequisite: ENG 101 required to be taken before
(F,S,SS) taught fall, spring and summer

Note: Not all of the above information may be noted in each course. Additional symbols include:

F Taught fall semester
S Taught spring semester
SS Taught summer session
* Offered upon demand
O Taught odd numbered years
E Taught even numbered years
VAR Variable credit course
L Suffix indicating lab course
CE Credit by exam allowed
IP Grade of IP (In Progress) available
S/U Grade of S or U available


200, 300, 400, 500    –    Workshop
290, 390, 490, 590    –    Special Project
291, 391, 491, 591    –    Special Topics
292, 392, 492, 592    –    Research
293, 393, 493, 593    –    Seminar
294, 394, 494, 594    –    Field Experience
295, 395, 495, 595    –    Independent Study
296, 396, 496, 596    –    Cooperative Education
297, 397, 497, 597    –    Studio Series
298, 398, 498, 598    –    Internship
599    –    Thesis Research
600    –    Master’s Degree in English (Fort Collins)


Courses of instruction are identified by the following approved prefixes
(please click a prefix to read course descriptions):

ACCTG   –   Accounting
AIM   –   Automotive Industry Management
ANS   –   Applied Natural Science
ANTHR   –   Anthropology
ART   –   Art
BBE   –   Bilingual Bicultural Education
BIOL   –   Biology
BUSAD   –   Business Administration
CET   –   Civil Engineering Technology
CHEM   –   Chemistry
CIS   –   Computer Information Systems
CS   –   Chicano Studies
ECON   –   Economics
ED   –   Education
EE   –   Electrical Engineering
EN   –   Engineering
ENG   –   English
ET   –   Engineering Technology
EXHP   –   Exercise Science and Health Promotion
FIN   –   Finance
FL   –   Foreign Language
FMTS   –   Facilities Management & Technology Studies
FRN   –   French
GEOG   –   Geography
GEOL   –   Geology
GER   –   German
HIST   –   History
HONOR   –   Honors
INTL   –   International Studies
ITL   –   Italian
MATH   –   Mathematics
MCCNM   –   Mass Communications/Center New Media
ME   –   Mechanical Engineering
MET   –   Mechanical Engineering Technology
MGMT   –   Management
MKTG   –   Marketing
MSL   –   Military Science and Leadership
MUS   –   Music
NSG   –   Nursing
PHIL   –   Philosophy
PHYS   –   Physics
POLSC   –   Political Science
PSYCH   –   Psychology
RDG   –   Reading
REC   –   Recreation
RUS   –   Russian
SCI   –   Science
SOC   –   Sociology
SOCSC   –   Social Science (Continuing Education Program Only)
SPCOM   –   Speech Communication
SPN   –   Spanish
SW   –   Social Work
TH   –   Theatre
US   –   University Studies
WS   –   Women’s Studies