WS 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3(3-0)
The course serves two purposes: (1) to train students in feminist perspective-taking, and (2) to introduce them to issues affecting women’s lives using an interdisciplinary framework. (*)

WS 105 (POLSC, PSYCH, SOC 105) Understanding Human Diversity 3(3-0)
Americans live in a complex and diverse society. This course examines the nature, impact, and strategies for dealing with diversity in personal and social contexts. (*)

WS 206 (SOC 206) Gender and Society 3(3-0)
Examination and evolution of relationships between sex roles, culture, and societal institutions and processes, including an analysis of sexual stratification. (*)

WS 211 (PSYCH 211) Women and Society 3(3-0)
Statistical overview of the current status of women, followed by examination of theories concerning equality of the sexes. (F)

WS 212 (PSYCH 212) Sexism and Racism in America 3(3-0)
Dynamics of prejudice and discrimination in terms of sex and race; special attention to analysis of strategies for improving relations. (S)

WS 230 (NSG 230) Women, Health and Society 3(3-0)
Introduction to women's health issues and a basic understanding of how women's health has been influenced historically, culturally and by socio-economic factors. (*)

WS 231 (PSYCH, SOC 231) Marriage, Family, and Relationships 3(3-0)
Marriage and family from an institutional and relationship perspective; cross-cultural diversity, mate selection, marital dynamics, parenting, divorce, remarriage, emerging patterns. (F,S,SS)

WS 235 (MCCNM 235) Women and Media 3(3-0)
The historical and cultural implications of the mass media’s portrayal of women and the extent of their media participation from colonial to contemporary times. (*)

WS 240 (CS 240) Chicana Writers 3(3-0)
Survey of Chicana writers from the early 1900s to the present. Along with the literature, aspects of history, sociology and politics will be incorporated. (*)

WS 291 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

WS 301 Feminist Frameworks 3(3-0)
Explores the range of feminist theories and their connections to feminist research. (F)

WS 305 (SOC 305) Crime and Women 3(3-0)
Exploration of social, cultural and political variables that create both women victims and women criminals. (*)

WS 306 (CS 306) La Chicana 3 (3-0)
A social, cultural, and historical overview of the Chicana experience and contributions. (F,S)

WS 330 (MCCNM 330) Gender and Film 3(3-0)
A discussion course which examines gender roles in theatrical and documentary film while considering the perspective of producers, actors, and spectators and salient film theories. Prerequisite: upper division standing in MCCNM or Women’s Studies. (*)

WS 335 Gender and Communication 3(3-0)
This course examines the ways that gender affects communication behaviors and helps develop an awareness of the processes that affect gender socialization and stereotyping. (*)

WS 340 (ENG 340) Women in Literature 3(3-0)
Intensive study of literature written by women, in historical, cultural, and critical contexts. Prerequisite: ENG 102. (*)

WS 401 (CS 401) Third World Feminisms 3(3-0)
This course focuses on Third World women’s challenging views of global feminism and feminist representations of “other” women. (*)

WS 403 (SOC 403) Human Sexuality and Social Behavior 3(3-0)
Sexuality and sexual conduct from a sociological and social psychological perspective. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. (*)

WS 407 (SOC 407) Family Violence 3(3-0)
The extent, seriousness, and impact of the major forms of domestic violence. (*).

WS 427 (HIST 427) Women in Industrializing Europe 3(3-0)
Changes and continuities for European women from the sixteenth century to the present, including work, family, sexuality, and movements for social and political change. Prerequisite: HIST 103 or permission of instructor. (*)

WS 453 (SOC 453) The Sociology of the Body 3(3-0)
Exploration of what it is like to live through (in/with/as) our female and male bodies. Examination of writings in the field of body studies. Prerequisite: SOC 101. (S)

WS 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing with adequate preparation or permission of instructor. (*)

WS 493 Seminar 3(3-0)
Integrates classroom and experiential learning, applying theories and methods to a selected topic in a weekly seminar on women's issues. Prerequisite: WS 301 or permission of instructor. (S)

WS 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)