REC 102 Mountain Orientation 2(1-2)
An intensive one-week field experience in the Colorado mountains. Clothing and equipment selection, nutrition and rations planning, back country conservation and sanitation, navigation, and trail techniques. (*)

REC 103 Winter Orientation 2(1-2)
An intensive one-week ski tour experience in the Colorado mountains. Group dynamics, leadership, and expedition behavior. Travels hut to hut with some winter camping. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. (*)

REC 104 Desert Orientation 2(1-2)
An intensive one-week desert camping and backpacking experience, accompanied by nine lectures in preparation for the trip. Natural and cultural history, desert conservation, group dynamics. (*)

REC 105 Canyon Orientation 2(1-2)
Students will develop proficiency in canyon travel, group camping, and will explore the geology, geography, and ecology of the canyon country. (*)

REC 240 Recreation Program Design 3(3-0)
Rationale supporting and methods of conducting recreation programs in a wide variety of public, private, voluntary and commercial recreation agencies. Prerequisite: EXHP 101. (S)

REC 249 Challenge Course Leadership 2(2-0)
This course is designed to teach knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to facilitate challenge course programs in a variety of settings for specific client groups. (F,S)

REC 250 Commercial Recreation and Tourism 3(3-0)
Designing for-profit recreation programs and facilities that are linked to tourism. Practical approach to programming in a commercial setting. Prerequisites: EXHP 101, REC 240. (S)

REC 270 Outdoor Leadership I 2(1-2)
An introduction to the concepts of outdoor leadership including a field experience focused on the application of theoretical and practical concepts. Additional costs apply. Prerequisite: REC 102, 103, OR 104. (*)

REC 280 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation 3(3-0)
Community and clinical recreation services for the mentally retarded, law offenders, psychologically impaired, sensory impaired, physically disabled, disadvantaged or aging. Prerequisite: REC 101. (F)

REC 322 Wilderness First Aid 2(2-0)
Course teaches theory, knowledge, and skills needed for basic medical treatment and evacuation in the wilderness. Involves 3 days of medical training, scenarios and testing. (S/U grading) (F)

REC 350 Leadership and Ethics 3(3-0)
Addresses leadership techniques and styles, leadership theory, group dynamics, and ethical considerations in recreation. Prerequisite: REC 240. (S)

REC 360 Outdoor Education 3(3-0)
Concepts and methods of outdoor education and interpretation. Students learn to teach outdoor living skills and natural history using experiential methods in an outdoor setting. Prerequisite: REC 240. (S)

REC 370 Outdoor Leadership II 2(1-2)
A practical application of the concepts and theory introduced in REC 270. Students will be required to plan and lead REC 104. Prerequisite: REC 270. (S)

REC 375 Research and Evaluation of Recreation 3(3-0)
Provides an overview of research designs and methodologies using recreation participation data, for needs assessment and program evaluation. Prerequisite: REC 240, MATH 109, equivalent or higher. (F)

REC 381 Environmental Interpretation 3(3-0)
History, philosophy, and techniques of interpreting our natural and cultural heritage to visitors in natural resource-based parks. Addresses public, private, and non-profit agencies. (F)

REC 389 Practicum in Recreation 3(0-3)
Minimum of 150 hours of practical experience in a selected recreation agency. Prerequisite: permission of director of recreation program. Prerequisites: REC 280 and REC 360. (F,S,SS)

REC 483 Sustainable Practices 3(3-0)
Sustainable, long-term strategies for ecological survival and environmental stabilization, discussed from the perspectives of ethics, economics and political processes. Includes community research and service projects. Prerequisite: BIOL 121/121L (S)

REC 484 Outdoor Resources and Management 3(3-0)
Examination of the outdoor recreation experience, the organization of resource-based recreation management and key outdoor recreation policy issues. Prerequisite: REC 482. (F)

REC 485 Recreation Facility Design/Management 3(3-0)
Presentation of basic elements of design and management of recreational facilities, taking into account the interaction between natural resources and man-made structures. Prerequisite: REC 250. (S)

REC 491 Special Topics (1-5 VAR) (*)

REC 493 Seminar 2(2-0)
Advanced in-depth examinations of contemporary issues in leisure/recreation. Includes student-led discussions, in-depth term projects and comprehensive examinations. Interview and resumé preparation are emphasized. Prerequisite: REC 389. (S)

REC 494 Field Experience (1-4 VAR)
Learning experience to be conducted in an actual recreation environment facilitated by an on-site supervisor and an EXHPR supervisor. Prerequisites: approval of the department chair. (S/U grading) (*)

REC 495 Independent Study (1-5 VAR) (*)

REC 498 Internship (1-12 VAR)
Supervised experience with approved professionals in select recreation settings. Prerequisite: senior standing, completion of all other degree requirements, 2.500 GPA in the major, and departmental chair approval. (F,S,SS)