POLSC 101 American National Politics 3(3-0)
Basic processes in American politics. Principles and structure of national governments. (*)

POLSC 102 State and Local Government and Politics 3(3-0)
Behavioral aspects, government organization and inter-relationships of state and local politics, relations with federal government and other states. Special attention to Colorado government. (S)

POLSC 105 ( PSYCH, SOC, WS 105) Understanding Human Diversity 3(3-0)
Americans live in a complex and diverse society. This course examines the nature, impact and strategies for dealing with diversity in personal and social contexts. (*)

POLSC 106 Minority Politics in America 3(3-0)
An overview of the historical and contemporary struggles for empowerment by groups traditionally excluded from full societal participation because of racial designation. (*)

POLSC 200 Understanding Human Conflict 3(3-0)
Study of conflict: personal, social, institutional, ethnic, and international. Conflict resolution and management also will be addressed. (*)

POLSC 201 Comparative Politics 3(3-0)
Introduction to comparative political analysis through study of selected political systems. Emphasis on basic political functions and processes in developed countries. (F)

POLSC 202 World Politics 3(3-0)
Study of political problems and issues which face the world. Emphasis on conflict, arms transfers, economic change and world commons. (S)

POLSC 240 Political Analysis 3(3-0)
An introduction to political science and its subfields. Includes methods for critically thinking about the political process and communicating political ideas. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (S)

POLSC 250 Research Methods in Political Science 3(3-0)
Introduction to the basic methods and tools of research in political science, including the scientific method, research design, data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Prerequisites: POLSC 101 and 240. (*)

POLSC 260 Paralegal I 3(3-0)
Study of theory of law and legal process. Course will not count toward the major or minor in political science. (F,S,SS,*)

POLSC 261 Paralegal II 3(3-0)
Using primary and secondary source materials in legal research. Course will not count toward the major or minor in political science. Prerequisite: POLSC 260. (F,S,SS,*)

POLSC 300 Political Parties and Elections 3(3-0)
Examines the organization and function of political parties and the roles of political parties, pressure groups, and public opinion in American elections. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (F)

POLSC 305 International Relations 3(3-0)
Study of international systems and organizations. Special emphasis on the principal sources of conflict and the study of conflict management. Prerequisite: POLSC 201 or 202. (S)

POLSC 320 Legal Research Methods 3(3-0)
Introduction to the basic reference materials of legal research. Use of law libraries, interpretation of statutes and judicial decisions and preparation of legal memoranda. (S/U grading). (*)

POLSC 321 American Constitutional Development 3(3-0)
Political context of the origin of the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court procedures, court decisions defining uses and scope of the powers of the court, the Congress and the presidency. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (F)

POLSC 322 American Constitutional Law 3(3-0)
Survey of American constitutional law; emphasis on Supreme Court decisions defining the extent and limits and of governmental authority and the rights and liberties of individual citizens. Prerequisite: POLSC 321 or permission of instructor. (S)

POLSC 323 Criminal Law and Procedure 3(3-0)
Content and characteristics of criminal law and procedures. Roles and functions of persons and agencies involved in judicial administration. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (F)

POLSC 324 Family Law 3(3-0)
Survey of legal issues concerning domestic relations; Supreme Court decisions and legislative enactments. Prerequisites: POLSC 101 and 320. (S)

POLSC 330 Introduction to Public Administration 3(3-0)
Role of public bureaucracy in modern society. Principles and processes of public administration, personnel management and administrative responsibility. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (*)

POLSC 340 Public Policy 3(3-0)
Introduces the process of formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. Examines program development and execution in the context of political, economic, and institutional environments. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (*)

POLSC 370 Political Thought 3(3-0)
Systematic survey of political thought from beginnings in Ancient Near East to present. Emphasis on contributions relevant to contemporary political theory. Prerequisite: previous work in political science or philosophy. Prerequisite: POLSC 250 or permission of instructor. (F)

POLSC 395 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Independent study involving specialized reading and research. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)

POLSC 405 The American Presidency 3(3-0)
Analysis of the powers and politics of the American presidency and those who have held the office. Presidential decision making, legislative and judicial relationships, elections. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (S)

POLSC 411 Legislatures and Legislation 3(3-0)
Organization, function, and process of American legislatures at national, state and local levels. Party organization, legislative procedures, lobbying and legislative reorganization. Prerequisite: POLSC 101. (S)

POLSC 440 Area Study: Europe 3(3-0)
Introduction to the political, economic and military structures and processes of the region. (*)

POLSC 445 Area Study: Latin America 3(3-0)
Introduction to the political, economic, and military structures and processes of the region. (*)

POLSC 450 Area Studies: Asia and The Pacific 3(3-0)
Introduction to the political, economic and military structures and processes of the region. (*)

POLSC 455 Area Study: Africa/Middle East 3(3-0)
Introduction to the political, economic and military structures and processes of the region. (*)

POLSC 473 American Political Thought 3(3-0)
Development of American segment of modern political thought from colonial times to present. Interrelationship of individuals, ideas and institutions shaping modern American political responses. (*)

POLSC 480 Practicum in Politics and Public Service (3-6 VAR)
For advanced students. Practical experience as interns in governmental agencies, political parties or legal offices. Prerequisite: departmental permission. (S/U Grading) (*)

POLSC 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Independent study involving seminars and research. Prerequisites: junior or senior status with adequate preparation and approval of instructor. (*)

POLSC 492 Research (1-3 VAR) (*)

POLSC 493 Seminar (1-3 VAR)
Application of research methods and materials. Emphasis on in-depth study of specific political topics. Involves writing and discussion of research papers at advanced level. Prerequisite: POLSC 250 and 370. (S)