MCCNM 101 Media and Society 3(3-0)
The development, functions and effects of the mass media in relation to the individual, society and the global community. (F,S,SS)

MCCNM 102 Introduction to Electronic Media 3(3-0)
The course focuses upon the history, background, and technologies of the electronic media. (F,S)

MCCNM 132 Website Design and Development 3(2-2)
Introduction to the creation and design of WWW pages, software applications, protocols and standards for implementing and managing WWW sites. Prerequisites: BUSAD 160, CIS 101, MCCNM 101, or permission of instructor. (F)

MCCNM 140 Radio Station Operation 1(1-0)
An introduction to radio station operation. Students gain practical experience operating KTSC 89.5, Colorado State University-Pueblo’s 10,000 watt radio station. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F,S)

MCCNM 141 Digital Audio Production 3(2-2)
Concepts, skills and technical processes needed for digital recording/signal processing of aural communication. Emphasis on hard disc and windows based non-linear recording/editing. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F,S)

MCCNM 142 Digital Video Production and Operations 3(2-2)
Concepts, skills and technical facilities involved in production of television programs. Emphasis on the understanding of the technical equipment used in program broadcasting. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F,S) Fee required.

MCCNM 150 Regulation of Electronic Media 3(3-0)
The historical and legal structures of radio, television, cable, and new technologies of mass communications are explored with emphasis upon inventors, innovation, and social development. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F,S)

MCCNM 201 News Writing 3(3-0)
Instruction and practice in basic news writing including the public's right to know, newsworthiness, and writing style. Required of all majors and minors. Word processing skills required. Pre-requisites: ENG 101 and 102. (F,S, SS)

MCCNM 202 Feature Writing 3(3-0)
Reporting campus events via interpretive articles, news features, straight features, seasonal stories and in-depth articles. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201. (F,S)

MCCNM 211 Desktop Publishing 3(1-4)
To develop computer publishing and design skills with varied software packages and within PC and Mac environments, preparing students for publication design and editing careers. Prerequisite: word processing literacy. (F,S,SS) Fee required.

MCCNM 216 Advertising 3(3-0)
Principles of advertising on local and national levels for news-papers, magazines, radio and television. (F,S)

MCCNM 222 Broadcast News Writing 3(3-0)
Preparation of copy for radio/television news reports, interviews and commentary. (F,S)

MCCNM 231 Digital Media Production 3(2-2)
The theory and practice of digital pre-production and post production using the single and multiple camera schemes. (F)

MCCNM 233 Script Writing 3(2-2)
Techniques, styles, formats, treatments, outlines, and scenarios for script forms used in the electronic media are covered with emphasis upon preparing scripts for production. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201. (F,S)

MCCNM 235 (WS 235) Women and Media 3(3-0)
The historical and cultural implications of the mass media’s portrayal of women and the extent of their media participation from colonial to contemporary times. (*)

MCCNM 238 Multimedia Applications 3(2-2)
Introduction to the principles and applications of digital multimedia with special emphasis on animation, digital audio and video as well as interface design. Prerequisite: MCCNM 132. (F)

MCCNM 240 Public Relations 3(3-0)
Historical, theoretical and practical approach to contemporary public relations focusing on the public relations process, communication strategies, public, and organizational distinctions. (F,S)

MCCNM 250 Media Lab (1-3 VAR)
A laboratory course for students involved in University publications and campus broadcast operations. May be repeated for up to four credits. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)

MCCNM 251 Sports Writing and Statistics 3(2-3)
Study and practical application of sports writing and statistics; emphasis on press box experience at intercollegiate athletic events. Repeatable once. Pre-requisites: MCCNM 201 and 202. (*)

MCCNM 265 History of Journalism 3(3-0)
History of the press in America from colonial times to the present day; political and economic impact of newspapers and magazines during the 19th and 20th centuries. (F,S)

MCCNM 301 Editorial Writing 3(3-0)
Study of editorial page management and policy, with emphasis on preparation of editorials, columns and critical reviews. Prerequisites: MCCNM 201 and 202. (*)

MCCNM 302 Advertising Writing 3(3-0)
Copy writing essentials and formats for print, broadcast and direct mail advertising. Emphasis on developing writing techniques for practical application in both retail and product advertising. Prerequisite: MCCNM 216 or permission of instructor. (S)

MCCNM 305 News Reporting 3(3-0)
Course covers the principles and practices, skills and ethics of professional beat and general assignment news reporting – specifically in-depth interviewing and other news gathering techniques. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201 and 202. (F,E)

MCCNM 310 Advanced Desktop Publishing 3(2-2)
Advanced study of electronic publishing and design, emphasizing process color, electronic document creation, on-line publishing. Prepares students for advertising, publication design, production and editing careers. Prerequisite: MCCNM 211 or permission of instructor. Fee required. (S)

MCCNM 311 Copy Editing and Makeup 3(3-0)
News evaluation, copy reading, rewriting, headline writing, page makeup and similar duties of the newspaper copy editor. Prerequisites: MCCNM 201 and 202. (F)

MCCNM 317 Advertising Strategy 3(3-0)
Seminar emphasizing tactics and strategies of advertising planning, utilizing media techniques, marketing posture and creative media buying. Prerequisites: MCCNM 216 and 316. (S)

MCCNM 319 Direct Advertising 3(3-0)
An advanced course stressing the philosophy, objectives, content and development of direct response advertising, particularly direct mail and computer-generated messages. Prerequisite: MCCNM 216. (F)

MCCNM 320 Broadcast Station Programming 3(3-0)
Program types used on broadcast stations; analysis of network structure and local station programs; ethical requirements in programming. Prerequisites: MCCNM 141, 142, and 222. (*)

MCCNM 321 Public Relations Case Problems 3(3-0)
Emphasis on analyzing public relations scenarios involving non-profit, private sector and government organizations and their impact on such publics as employees, consumers, voters, and volunteers. Pre-requisites: MCCNM 201, 202 and 280. (F)

MCCNM 330 (WS 330) Gender and Film 3(3-0)
A discussion course which examines gender roles in theatrical and documentary film while considering the perspective of producers, actors and spectators and salient film theories. Prerequisite: upper division standing in MCCNM or Women’s Studies. (*)

MCCNM 336 Interactive Media and Interface Design 3(3-0)
An overview of interactive media systems and the computer applications used to create interactive media content. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101, CIS 101 or 110. (F)

MCCNM 338 Global Communications 3(3-0)
The student will explore the technological concepts underlying modern global communications systems and the role that those technologies and systems play in our global community. Prerequisite: New Media Tract or permission of instructor. (S)

MCCNM 350 Advanced Media Lab (1-3 VAR)
An advanced laboratory course for students involved in University publications and campus broadcast operations. May be repeated for up to 8 credits. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing; permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)

MCCNM 370 (SW 370) Non-Profit Organizations and Communication 3(3-0)
A seminar course using cooperative teaching that integrates theory and practice to examine the basic elements of nonprofit organizations from economic, political, and social perspectives. Prerequisite: sophomore standing. (S)

MCCNM 382 Digital Media Post Production 3(2-2)
The theory and practice of digital post production using nonlinear editing. Students will use their production skills in a variety of community based projects. Prerequisite: MCCNM 142. (S)

MCCNM 401 Digital Photographic Procedures 4(3-2)
A course in applied digital imaging for mass communications print and web publications. Emphasis is on digital image acquisition, enhancement and creative application using computer software. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. (S)

MCCNM 402 Photojournalism 4(3-2)
Practical course in pictorial reporting; emphasis on spot news feature, picture stories and photographic essays. Prerequisite: MCCNM 401 (*)

MCCNM 411 Media Law 3(3-0)
Ethical and legal factors of mass communications related to the structure and substance of laws at federal, state and local levels, including freedoms, restraints and contemporary issues. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. (F,S)

MCCNM 415 Theories of Mass Communications 3(3-0)
Application of information theories to mass communication problems. Nature of the communication process in groups and between mass media and audiences. Contribution of theoretical concepts to solving specific problems. Prerequisite: senior standing or permission of instructor. (*)

MCCNM 422 Writing for Public Relations 3(3-0)
A specialized course in persuasive writing techniques in different formats. Emphasis is on print and electronic news releases, public service announcements, brochures, news-letters, speeches, and proclamations. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201 and MCCNM 280. (S)

MCCNM 425 Audience Research Methodology 3(3-0)
Generalized research methodology course. Effective and appropriate research tools to define and describe various publics contained within the mass audience. Emphasis on sampling practices, encoding and interpretation of results. Pragmatic task activities via Nielson, Arbitron, SRDS, content analysis and related data sources. (F,S)

MCCNM 430 Integrated Communications Campaigns 3(3-0)
The course examines the organization, structure, components and preparation of an integrated communication campaign focusing on advertising, public relation, sales promotion and direct response. Prerequisite: MCCNM 216 and MCCNM 280. (F)

MCCNM 440 (ENG 440) Magazine Writing 3(3-0)
Instruction and practice in writing nonfiction magazine articles, with emphasis on story research and market selection. Prerequisites: MCCNM 201 and 202. (*)

MCCNM 445 Reporting Public Affairs 3(3-0)
Instruction and practice in reporting important issues in areas such as crime, courts, local and state government. Prerequisites: MCCNM 201 and 202. (S,O)

MCCNM 450 Film Criticism in the Media 3(3-0)
The role and function of the film critic in television and print journalism, with emphasis on writing the critical review. Prerequisite: senior standing. (S)

MCCNM 490 Special Projects 3(0-3)
Individualized instruction within a special interest area, under supervision of a member of the department. Repeatable once. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)

MCCNM 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F,S)

MCCNM 493 Seminar 3(3-0)
Seminar devoted to special problems in mass media; emphasis on interrelationships of media, understanding media, and the role of criticism. Prerequisite: senior standing. (F,S)

MCCNM 494 Field Experience (3-10 VAR)
A semester-long internship. Student performs the professional duties required by the cooperating commercial mass medium, business or public service agency. May be taken for a maximum of 8 hours. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, minimum of 30 hours in major, or permission of program chair. (F,S,SS)

MCCNM 495 Independent Study 2(0-2)
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F,S)


MCCNM 591 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: graduate standing. (*)