ET 101 Introduction to Engineering Technology 2(1-2)
An introduction to the different engineering technology disciplines: technology teams, career opportunities, the design process, tools-of-the-trade, professional ethics. Team projects. (F)

ET 202 Statics 3(3-0)
Basic concepts and application of static forces; couples, resultants, equilibrium, trusses, cables, friction and centroids. Prerequisite: MATH 124. (F)

ET 206 Strength of Materials 4(3-2)
A study of stress-strain relationship; elastic and plastic behavior in materials; materials responses to various loads; Experimentation to demonstrate these principles. Prerequisite: ET 202. (S)

ET 226 Introduction to Programming 2(1-2)
An introductory course in programming to solve engineering problems. Prerequisites: CIS 104 (or equivalent) and MATH 121. (F)

ET 300 Project Planning, Scheduling and Management 3(3-0)
Project management including organization, plans, specifications, and administration. Project network planning, scheduling, and updating using CPM. Prerequisite: junior standing. (S)