EET 121 DC Circuits 4(3-2)
DC circuits including voltage, current, resistance, energy, power, mesh and nodal analysis, and network theorems. Corequisite: MATH 131. (F)

EET 122 AC Circuits 4(3-2)
AC circuit analysis, sine waves, phasors, impedance, mesh and nodal analysis, network theorems, frequency response and resonance. Prerequisite: EET 121. Corequisite: MATH 132. (S)

EET 211 Electronics I 4(3-2)
Principles and basic applications of semiconductor diodes and transistors. Unfiltered and filtered rectifier circuits. Clippers, clampers, and other diode circuits. Detailed dc and ac analysis of transistor circuits, including transistor dc biasing, the use of transistor ac models and equivalent circuits, and the ac analysis of small signal transistor amplifiers. Corequisites: EET 122 and MATH 132. (F)

EET 212 Electronics II 4(3-2)
Frequency response of BJT and FET amplifier circuits. Multi-stage transistor amplifier analysis and design considerations. Differential and operational amplifiers, and their basic circuit applications. Negative feedback principles and circuit analysis. LF and HF oscillator circuits. Voltage regulators and regulated power supplies. Prerequisites: EET 211, Corequisite: MATH 231. (S)

EET 250 Electrical Fundamentals 4(3-2)
DC and AC circuit analysis, circuit theorems, power, resonance, filters, transformers, polyphase circuits, and transient-analysis. (NON-MAJORS). Prerequisite: MATH 124. (F)

EET 254 Introduction to Digital Systems 4(3-2)
Digital techniques, including binary codes, Boolean algebra, gates, flip-flops, counters, shift registers and arithmetic operations. Prerequisite: EET 121 or 250, or permission of instructor. Corequisite: EET 211. (S)

EET 351 Electronics III 4 (3-2)
Theory and applications of operational amplifiers and linear circuits, including non-inverting and inverting voltage amplifiers, I-V and V-I converters, the effects of negative feedback on input and output impedance, DC offset considerations, high frequency limitations of op amps, differential and instrumentation amplifiers, differentiators and integrators, and other selected topics. Prerequisite: EET 212. (F)

EET 356 Electronics IV 4(3-2)
Continuation of Electronics III. Theory and applications of operational amplifiers and analog circuits, including voltage comparators, oscillators and waveform generators, active filters, rectifiers and voltage regulators, D-A and A-D conversion, phase locked loops, and other selected topics. Prerequisite: EET 351. (S)

EET 412 Communication Systems 4(3-2)
Basic principles of electronic communications. Time-domain and frequency-domain representations of signals. Amplitude modulation, Single Sideband, Frequency Modulation, and Phase Modulation communication systems and circuit analysis. Principles of fiber optic communications. Prerequisites: EET 351, MATH 232. (F)

EET 455 Senior Project Seminar 1(1-0)
Students formulate a proposal for their senior project and make written and oral presentations of the proposal. Prerequisite: senior standing in EET. (F)

EET 456 Senior Project 3(1-4)
Practical realistic projects relating to EET discipline are selected for design, analysis, and execution. Students prepare reports and make oral presentations. Prerequisite: EET 455. (S)

EET 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Topics in electronics not now included in other courses. Prerequisite: permission of department chair. (*)

EET 493 Seminar (1-3 VAR)
Participation by electronics students and presentation of recent developments in the electronics field. Prerequisite: qualified junior or senior students. (*)

EET 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of department chair. (F,S,SS)

EET 496 Cooperative Education Placement (1-4 VAR)
Industrial cooperative education work experience under direction of field supervisor and faculty member. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)