EE 100 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals 3(3-0)
Electrical engineering fundamentals and problem solving using design and visualization tools. (F)

EE 102 Digital Circuit Logic 4(3-2)
Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, multiplexers, decod ers, ROMs, PLAs, flip-flops, counters, sequential net works, state tables. Prerequisite: High school physics. (S)

EE 201 Circuit Theory 3(2-2)
Basic circuit analysis techniques and applications to engineering design problems. Corequisite: MATH 224, PHYS 222. (F)

EE 202 Circuit Theory Applications 4(3-3)
Step and Sinusoidal Response of networks; modeling of active devices. Prerequisite: EE 201. (S)

EE 251 Introduction to Microprocessors 4(3-3)
Microprocessor organization assembly language, I/O techniques, real time interfaces, applications, hardware/software. Prerequisite: EE 102. (S)