CENT 226 Introduction to Programming 2(1-2)
An introductory course in programming using the Basic language. Prerequisite: ET 101. (F)

CENT 230 C Language Programming 3(2-2)
C language programming including data types, basic computation and character manipulation, functions, loops and control structures, arrays, sequential files, structures, and interrupt-service routines. Prerequisite: CENT 226. (S)

CENT 255 Introduction to Microprocessors 4(3-2)
Analysis of microcomputer systems including both hardware and software considerations, with emphasis on machine language programming. Includes micro-computer design projects. Prerequisite: EET 254. (F)

CENT 354 Computer Architecture Design 4(3-2)
Computer architecture, with emphasis on operation and design. Students must complete an extensive laboratory project which requires the design, instruction and testing of an operational computer. Prerequisite: CENT 255. (S)

CENT 355 Microcomputer Assembly Language 4(3-2)
Assembly language for advanced microcomputer systems. An in depth coverage of the Intel 8086 assembler language and associated linkers and debuggers. Introduction to interface programming. Prerequisite: CIS 121, CENT 255. (S)

CENT 357 Digital Communications Concepts 4(3-2)
Data communications and telecommunications concepts for computers and terminals, including data transmission, media, software, protocols, switching, coding, and simple networks. Prerequisite: CENT 255, MATH 124 or MATH 132. (S)

CENT 358 Computer Networks 3(2-2)
Computer communication techniques and computer networks including topics such as topology, protocols, routing and reliability analysis. Prerequisites: CENT 255. (F)

CENT 411 Windows Software Development 3(3-0)
Microsoft Windows program design and testing, using C language. Resource editors and project manager utilities will be used. Prerequisite: CIS 253. (F)