Facilities Management & Technology Studies (FMTS)


FMTS 103 Intro to Facility Management and Technology Studies 2(2-0)
Qualifications, opportunities, preparation, and duties in the fields of teaching technology and facilities management. (F)

FMTS 140 Office and Furniture Design 3(3-0)
Design aspects of the modern office including furniture and furnishings, facility and space planning, productivity, comfort and efficiency. (F)

FMTS 206 Commercial and Residential Construction 3(2-2)
Building systems and materials related to foundations, interior finishes, roofing, glazing, cladding used in wood, masonry, steel and concrete construction from a contractor’s perspective. (S)

FMTS 230 Environmental Issues in Facilities 3(3-0)
Develop and learn to implement practices that protect and promote health, safety, security, quality of work life, the environment and organizational effectiveness. (S)

FMTS 296 Cooperative Education Internship (1-5 VAR)
For freshmen and sophomores. Work experience under direction of a field supervisor and faculty member. (F, S, SS)

FMTS 306 Building Mechanical Systems 3(2-2)
Study of building mechanical systems including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and fire protection from a designer’s perspective. (F)

FMTS 309 Building Electrical Systems 3(2-2)
Study of building electrical systems including communication and control, transportation, security, power distribution and lighting from a designer’s perspective. (S)

FMTS 341 Facilities Planning and Layout 3(3-0)
The principles of facilities planning relating to location, material flow, placement of real and personal property, workstation configuration and developing a facilities plan. (F)

FMTS 350 Facilities Management Administration 3(3-0)
Planning, organizing, staffing, budgeting and administering a facilities management organization and delivering facilities services. (F)

FMTS 351 Facilities Management Operations 3(3-0)
Planning, programming, budgeting and managing facilities design, construction, renovation and sustainment operations. Prerequisite: FMTS 350. (S)

FMTS 430 Industrial Safety 3(3-0)
Laboratory organizational patterns, administrative duties of the teacher, and safety regulations. (S)

FMTS 431 The Facilities Supervisor 3(3-0)
Preparation for assuming leadership of facilities management organizations. Includes self-preparation, organizational effectiveness, motivational and other techniques. Prerequisite: FMTS 350 and 351. (S)

FMTS 442 Computer Aided Facility Management 3(2-2)
A study of the availability, capabilities, analysis, selection, justification, acquisition, installation and operation of computerized systems designed to enhance facilities management. Prerequisite: CET 313/FMTS 351. (S)

FMTS 490 Special Projects (1-5 VAR)
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing; permission of instructor. (F,S,SS)

FMTS 491 Special Topics (1-5 VAR)
Emerging Topics in Industrial Science not currently included in other courses. Prerequisite: junior/senior standing with program coordinator permission. (F,S)

FMTS 493 Seminar (1-5 VAR)
Individual and small-group activities. Individual experimentation and expertise development in facilities management and/or technology studies. (F)

FMTS 495 Independent Study (1-5 VAR)
For advanced students. Each student selects, outlines and pursues a project. Instructor approval and supervision provided. May be repeated. (F,S,SS)

FMTS 496 Cooperative Education Internship (1-5 VAR)
Work experience under direction of field supervisor and faculty member. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. (F,S,SS)