Business Administration (BUSAD)


BUSAD 101 Business-Careers and Opportunities 1(1-0)

Introduction to the world of business that will provide insights on careers, business disciplines, and the world of business. (F,S)

BUSAD 160 Introduction to Computers and Information Processing 2(1-2)
Concepts and applications of computers as used by business and management. Emphasis is given to computer productivity software with hands-on exercises. (F,S)

BUSAD 161 Business Computer Applications 1(0-2)
Business computer applications for transfer students or others that do not have all software applications required in the business curriculum. Software topic tailored to student need. (F,S)

BUSAD 255 Data Management for Decision Making 3(3-0)
Research methods for business applications. Formulating research objectives, questionnaire design, reliability and validity. Use of variables, data, sampling methods and descriptive statistics. (F,S)

BUSAD 265 Inferential Statistics and Problem Solving 3(3-0)
Statistical methods in business, sampling, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, multiple regression and chi square tests. Use of problem solving methods. Prerequisites: two years of high school math or equivalent. (F,S)

BUSAD 270 Business Communications 3(3-0)
Means of extending management capabilities through effective internal and external communications, including data organization and presentation. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and 102. (F,S)

BUSAD 280 Business Software and e-commerce 2(1-2)
Application of business software including project management, business planning, database, and web page development. Exploration of electronic commerce concepts and applications. Prerequisite: BUSAD 160 or equivalent. (F,S)

BUSAD 302 Ethical Issues and the Legal Environment of Business 3(3-0)
Examination of issues addressing ethical, legal, social and environmental responsibilities of businesses toward government, customers, employees, and the general public. Prerequisite: junior standing. (F,S)

BUSAD 360 Advanced Business Statistics 3(3-0)
Development of advanced statistical techniques to support business decision-making. Topics include advanced multiple regression analysis, analysis of variance and nonparametric techniques. Prerequisites: MATH 121, and BUSAD 265 or MATH 156. (F,S)

BUSAD 475 International Business 3(3-0)
Opportunities and problems of multinational firms including environmental factors and formulation of strategies and policies for all functional areas of business. Prerequisites: FIN 330, MGMT 201 and MKTG 340. (F,S)

BUSAD 480 Small Business Studies 3(3-0)
Integrating prior studies in business into a realistic approach to assist in solving problems faced by selected firms and organizations in the community. Prerequisites: senior standing in the School of Business and completion of all foundation and fundamentals courses. (*)

BUSAD 490 Special Projects (1-6 VAR) (*)

BUSAD 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR)
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)

BUSAD 493 Senior Seminar 1(1-0)
Designed to help majors draw connections among the business disciplines. The course provides an in-depth examination of contemporary issues in the business environment. Prerequisite: senior standing. (F,S)

BUSAD 495 Independent Study (1-3 VAR) 
Prerequisites: senior standing and permission of department chair. (*)

BUSAD 498 Internship (1-6 VAR)
Supervised field work in selected business, social and governmental organizations; supplemented by written reports (S/U grading). Prerequisites: junior or senior standing in the School of Business and permission of internship coordinator. (*)


BUSAD 502 Business Ethics and Environment 3(3-0)
The impact of continued social, political, economic, technological, and legal pressures upon ethical business issues and managerial decision making. Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

BUSAD 575 International Business 3(3-0)
Familiarize students with the differences in management operations domestically and internationally (the scope, activities, managerial problems and decisions) and challenges facing multinational managers/organizations. Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

BUSAD 580 Business Research Methodology 3(3-0)
Fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research design including development of hypothesis and assessment techniques in preparation for undertaking research projects. Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

BUSAD 591 Special Topics 3(3-0)
Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

BUSAD 592 Research (1-6 VAR)
The student will work under the close supervision of a graduate faculty member in basic or applied research resulting in a thesis or report of high academic quality (IP and S/U grading). (*)

BUSAD 595 Independent Study (1-3 VAR)
Individual study of a subject determined by the instructor and student with permission of the director. Prerequisite: Admission to MBA or permission of MBA Director. (*)

BUSAD 599 Thesis Research (1-6 VAR) (*)