CSU-Pueblo Career CenterBy definition, an intern is an advanced student undergoing supervised practical training.  While an internship is certainly a chance for a student to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, it is also a valuable opportunity to learn skills not easily taught in the traditional academic setting.  Because we believe there are lessons to be learned on the job that will increase our student’s chances of success after graduation, the Career Center and college departments attempt to locate internships for interested students of Sophomore, Junior and Senior standing.  These students may be are pursuing a degree within the College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies; College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Science and Math; or Hasan School of Business.

An internship can focus on a particular area of study, or a sub-area based on the students emphasis or industry interest.  The student’s tasks are not intended to be strictly clerical, sales, or assembly line work, although some experience in work of this nature may be necessary to give the student the appropriate background for other internship activities.  Whatever the case, the emphasis is on learning. The internship should extend beyond skills already mastered and provide the student with an opportunity for development.  These development activities can be accomplished through a variety of methods ranging from observation to hands-on experience.

In return for the time and energy the organization devotes to the intern, it receives an eager, interested worker at little or no cost; and while the organization is under no obligation to hire the intern upon his or her graduation, many organizations in the past have chosen to do just that.

For more information regarding the structure of internships, rights and responsibilities for organizations, students, and the University, and other general facts read Internship Information.

Request an Intern

Employers can request an intern by completing the Internship Position Request Form and returning it to:

Megan Gregorich

Employee Relations Specialist
LARC Suite 187, 2200 Bonforte Blvd
Pueblo, CO 81001

Fax: 719.549.2289

We recommend that all employers review the US Department of Labor guidelines for determining if an opportunity qualifies as an internship before submitting your request.

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