TRiO - Student Support Services Flyer

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TRiO Referral Form

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Student Support Services 2012-2013 Application Forms

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Students submitting an application will schedule an interview with Gene Lucero, Retention Specialist. During this process, the TRiO - Student Support Services staff member will explain the various services available. To check if you are eligible, please call 719.549.2031.

Tutor ApplicationTRiO - Student Support Services Tutor Application

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If you are interested in becoming a TRiO - Student Support Services Tutor, please stop by to speak with Dr. Vaiulatasi (Tasi) Tuato'o the Assistant Director of TRiO - Student Support Services . TRiO - Student Support Services is located in the LARC 357 or call 719.549.2916 to schedule an interview.

Tutors must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and a “B” grade or above for the subject you are tutoring. The hourly rate is from $8.25 to $10.00 depending on your tutoring experience. The positions are student hourly. Please attach unofficial transcript to application.

TRiO - Student Support Services Direct Grant Aid Application

Check back with us in the Fall 2012.

TRiO - Student Support Services Grant Aid is a financial award available to eligible SSS participants through a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Education and Colorado State University-Pueblo. Freshman and Sophomore SSS participants are encouraged to apply.

TRiO Alliance of Pueblo (TAP) Brochure

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The institutions and agencies listed in this brochure support federally-funded TRiO Programs. TRiO programs provide support services to TAB Brochurestudents who are: low-income, first-generation and/or disabled to enter and graduate from college.