Incident Report Form

Students at Colorado State University – Pueblo are expected to uphold the values described in the Code of Student Conduct & Adjudication: Civility, Honor, and Citizenship.  For more information about the University’s expectations of conduct from all students while on or off-campus, please read the Code of Student Conduct.

If you have knowledge that a member of the University community may have violated the Code of Student Conduct, please use this incident report form to notify the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.

Once a complaint is received, the Office of Student Judicial Affairs will review the complaint to determine if the incident warrants us to meet with the student to address the alleged misconduct.  Upon investigation, appropriate action will be taken.  Please know that you may be contacted by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for further information about the incident.  In addition, please note that University disciplinary records are protected by FERPA.

If you have any questions about filing an incident report, please contact 719.549.2092, or email

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