Breakout Sessions

Session I

EDU 200 Classroom Strategies
Learn how to integrate STEM principles into the preK-12 grade classroom by exploring how nanotechnology applications affect daily life – and take away experiential, hands-on learning modules you can use. This session is specifically for education students.

SCI 210 General Engineering/Science
Robots: Past, Present and Future
Learn about the brief history of robotics, current robot explorer missions and the impact robots have on our lives. Explore the future of robotics in society and learn about proposed robotic missions to explore the solar system.


Session II

EDU 210 Classroom Integration
Robots: Past, Present and Future
In a format that provides experiential, hands-on learning modules that are easily integrated into the classroom, focus on the brief history of robotics, the impact robots have on our lives and current robot explorer missions.  

SCI 200 General Science
Nanotechnology: It’s Bigger Than You Think
Discover what nanotechnology is and where you can find it in a product near you! Learn how improved materials and manufacturing processes allow engineers to develop smaller and better products that could affect your life more than you realize.  This session is for STEM majors wishing to explore nanotechnology.