2011 ASG Election Results

Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2011 ASG Election Results

PUEBLO—The results from the 2011 Associated Students’ Government (ASG) elections at Colorado State University-Pueblo held April 4 - 6 have been announced.

ASG is a student-run government which represents and advocates on behalf of students. This student government works with the CSU-Pueblo administration, faculty and staff, and is responsive to student concerns, ideas, and needs, and actively works to ensure that the student body of CSU-Pueblo is justly and proactively recognized and represented with fairness and equity in all aspects of the University setting.
Next year’s ASG President is Isaiah McGregory a senior mass communications major with a music minor from Colorado Springs. Elected Vice President is Rafeal Elliott, a junior biology major with a chemistry minor from Aurora.  McGregory and Elliott ran on the Project-A-New party platform, which professed to be For the good of CSU-Pueblo focused on the following areas:
• Safety (Having a positive sense of security on campus)
• Student involvement (bringing life to the campus and having better school spirit)
• Technology (better internet access and computer accessibility to all campus buildings)
• Fall Concert (gaining student interest on who they want to see)
• Keeping better records (seeing that all records are kept more organized for future use)
• Better advertising for clubs, organizations, sports, and events
• Go eco-friendly (making sustainability a top initiative)
Elected as Senators representing the College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies are William Green, a sophomore studying Automotive Industry Management from Denver and Charlie Rodosevich, a senior engineering major from Pueblo.

Representing the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will be Janessa Beatty, a sophomore English major with an emphasis in creative writing from Colorado Springs and Charles Jensen, a sophomore music major from Colorado Springs.  

Elected Senators to represent the College of Science and Mathematics include Andrea Chobot, a freshman biology major from Philadelphia, PA, and Lindsay Harder, a freshman mathematics major from Superior.

Taylor Branch, a Pueblo junior majoring in business management, was elected as the sole Senator for the Hasan School of Business (HSB). One HSB Senate seat remains vacant.

Six students, including Adrienn Halland, freshman political science from Colorado Springs, Samantha Pitchford, freshmen chemistry major from Colorado Springs, Bennett Trahn, junior political science major from Pueblo, Lynnea Phillips, sophomore history major from Pueblo, Simfoni Crowley, a sophomore majoring in sociology from Colorado Springs, and Michael Rose, junior engineering major from Morrison, were elected as Senators at Large.

For more information, contact ASG at 719-549-2866, email asg@colostate-pueblo.edu, or visit their web site at colostate-pueblo.edu/ASG.