Why Join a Fraternity or Sorority

Why Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

The Fraternity & Sorority experience is an opportunity for students to become engaged with their education and their community. Students who are involved in Fraternity & Sorority Life benefit from developing social and leadership skills, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, time management, and self-confidence.


  • All chapters participate in philanthropies and service activities as well as hold philanthropic events themselves.
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  • Lifelong friendships and countless memories are fostered within a “home away from home” environment where you will create brother and sister relationships that will help guide you through your college years and beyond.
  • Build relationships that can prove helpful with networking and mentoring opportunities after graduation.
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  • Fraternity & Sorority members learn time management skills and how to reach your academic potential.
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  • Fraternity & Sorority Life members have many opportunities to hold leadership positions within their organizations. 
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life members are some of the most prominent leaders on campus.
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​How to join?

  • Each fraternity & sorority chapter holds recruitment within their own timeline.