Outdoor Leadership Certification

Wilderness Education Association Leadership Program

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CSU - Pueblo is one of twenty institutions that offer the Wilderness Education Association Leadership certificate. A WEA certified Outdoor Leader has successfully completed a WEA program and is trained in effective judgment and decision-making, leadership, communication and teaching skills. 

 Student at Waterfall


In addition, the WEA curriculum incorporates principles of wilderness ethic, land stewardship, effective group dynamics and technical travel skills sufficient to move a group through the wilderness safely, enjoyable, and within minimum environmental and social impact.
The way a participant earns their certificate is by attending 5 orientations trips, successfully completing the Outdoor Education Class and a wilderness first aid course.

These students are the backbone of the Outdoor Program offerings, for they are the ones running most of the weekend offerings.  The WEA program is open to all students and in the past, students with business to recreation majors have been involved.