Joining a current Club Sport

All students interested in joining a current Club Sport need to do the following:

  • Contact Club President and/or Manager
  • Fill out required paperwork which includes:
    • Participant​ packet (medical forms, insurance information, liability waiver agreement)
    • Provide proof of insurance
  • All students must be full-time students
    • 6 credit hours undergrad/6 credit hours grad students
    • All students must have a CSU-Pueblo cumulative GPA of 2.0+
  • All students must be in good academic standing with the University

See Club Sports Manual for full details

Club Sports Manual


Creating a new Club Sport

Requirements for creating a new Club Sport include the following:

  • Submittal of all required forms and documents as outlined in Registration Packet
  • Provide 5 members to serve as Club Sports Representative Officer
    • this number is dependent on each sport
  • Must have a competition schedule
  • Meet with Assistant Director pf Club Sports to discuss new club status
  • Must meet regularly for Club practice
  • Must attend mandatory Club Sport meetings
  • Complete the Club Sport Registration Packet
  • Must submit team roster- must have at least enough members to be able to compete
  • Must have Club members comply with Club Sports Program individual eligibility requirements

See Registration Packet & Manuel for full details

Club Sport Registration Packet

Club Sports Manual