CSU-Pueblo Baseball Club competes in the (NCBA) National Club Baseball Association- Divison II. The Baseball Club hosts and travels to games  vs opponents including: Colorado College, UCCS, Fort Lewis, Metro State, New Mexico Tech, & Western State College of Colorado. See calendar for full schedule of dates/times.

Practice: Our practice schedule is constantly changing due to facilities/weather. Contact us for current days/times.

Club Dues: $150 per year

Interested in joining? Contact Club Officers for information! 

Reed Trechter                                                        
Club President / Manager
(719) 547-9658

Chase Itawa
Club Treasurer
Mitchell Becker
Club Secretary
(720) 470-6954

Steve Hanlon

Club Sport Fac/Staff Advisor




 NCBA Division II League Schedule 

Date            Opponent                            Location                               Time                       Result
Feb 22         Colorado College               Colorado Springs, CO          12:00 / 2:00pm           L / L
Feb 23         Colorado College               Colorado Springs, CO           2:00pm                     L
March 1       UCCS                                  Rampart High School,          4:00pm                     Postponed
                                                               Colorado Springs, CO
March 2      UCCS                                   Rampart High School          11:00am/1:00pm        Postponed
                                                               Colorado Springs, CO
March 8       Fort Lewis                           CSU-Pueblo                        11:00am / 1:00pm       L FF
March 9       Fort Lewis                           CSU-Pueblo                         10:00am                    L FF
March 16     Metro                                   Denver, CO                                                       Cancelled         
April 5         New Mexico Tech                Albuquerque, NM                11:00am / 1:00pm      L FF
April 6         New Mexico Tech               Albuquerque, NM                 11:00am                    L FF
April 10       UCCS (Make-Up Game)       Spurgeon  Field                   7:00pm                      L 10-0            
                                                              Colorado Springs, CO
April 12       Western State                     CSU-Pueblo                          12:00am / 2:00pm     W 8-7 / W 5-4
                                                              Rawlings Complex
April 13       Western State                     CSU-Pueblo                          11:00am                    L 2-5
                                                              Rawlings Complex
April 22       UCCS (make-up game)       Spurgeon Field                     7:00pm  
                                                              Colorado Springs, CO