Gen Ed Tutoring Courses

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ART 100 Visual Dynamics
ART 211 History of Art I
ART 212 History of Art II
ENG 130 Introduction to Literature
ENG/CS 220 Survey of Chicano Literature
ENG 221 Masterpieces of Literature I
ENG 222 Masterpieces of Literature II
ENG 240 Survey of Ethnic Literature
FL 100 Introduction to Comparative Linguistics
Foreign Language (FRN, GER, ITL, SPN)
  Courses: 101, 102, 201, 202
MUS 118 Music Appreciation
PHIL 102 Philosophical Literature
PHIL 120 Non-Western World Religions
PHIL 201 Classics in Ethics
PHIL 204 Critical Reasoning
PHIL 205 Deductive Logic
SPCOM 103 Speaking and Listening
SPN 130 Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World
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  • History

  • CS 101 Introduction to Chicano Studies
    HIST 101 World Civilization to 1100
    HIST 102 World Civilization from 1100 to 1800
    HIST 103 World Civilization since 1800
    HIST/CS 136 Southwest United States
    HIST 201 US History I
    HIST 202 US History II
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    Social Sciences

    ANTHR 100 Cultural Anthropology
    ANTRH/ENG 106 Language, Thought and Culture
    GEOG 103 World Regional Geography
    MCCNM 101 Media and Society
    POLSC 101 American National Politics
    POLSC 200 Understanding Human Conflict
    PSYCH 100 General Psychology
    PSYCH 151 Intro to Human Development
    PSYCH 222 Understanding Animal Behavior
    PSYCH/SOC/WS 231 Marriage, Family, and Relationships
    PSYCH 251 Childhood and Adolescence
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
    SOC 201 Social Problems
    WS 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies
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