Academic Advising

Student with Advisor

The Undeclared Academic Advising Program in Student Academic Services works with undeclared students after their first two semesters, new transfer students who transfer in 13 or more credits, and continuing students who want to change their major.

The Undeclared Advisor assists students with course selection, provides general information about academic policies and procedures, provides information about the requirements of possible majors, and refers students to appropriate resources.

Our professional academic/career advisor will work with students to determine if your current major is right for you or assist in helping students determine an appropriate major. To help you in choosing a major we offer the following Career/Major Exploration Activities:

  • Discuss major options that are available
  • Career assessments

    Strong Interest Inventory –self-assessment tool online
    SIGI 3- self-assessment tool available through the Career Center website
    Myers Briggs Type Indicator – assessment which matches possible careers with your unique personality

  • Majors Fair
  • Referral to departmental advisors or individuals in the community who can give you valuable information about the major or job
  • Take exploratory courses in possible majors
  • Assist you to put it all together to make an informed decision

To take the Strong Interest Inventory or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator students will need to obtain the login information from our advisor. Once completed, the results will go to the advisor. Students will need to call to make an appointment to meet with the advisor to go over the results.

Our professional academic/career advisor is here to help you through the difficult task of declaring a major or changing a major. Our goal is to help students choose a major that is a good fit based on the students’ interests, values, and abilities. Current and prospective students are encouraged to meet with our professional academic/career advisor to talk about our services.

Undeclared Academic Advising Program Staff

Pam Chambers, Associate Director