Build It and They Will Come

The purpose of the RAGE Program is to provide access to students seeking graduate degrees. One way to entice students is to provide alternate modes of learning, such as offering hybrid and online models. Flexibility is a key component to graduate students. Hybrid and online courses meet their needs by allowing them to work around conflicting schedules such as jobs, family, and other social obligations.

Every year, the RAGE Program encourages faculty to apply for one of several development stipends. Faculty who are considering offering graduate courses in a hybrid or online environment are encouraged to apply. The amount of each stipend is based on the individual course that has been identified, the development requirements of the course, and the course model. Faculty who are awarded stipends must meet the requirements of the grant.

If you would like to apply for a RAGE stipend, access the stipend request forms:2015 RAGE FDGs Application or RAGE_Faculty_Stipend Application_2015_Final.docx2015 RAGE Faculty Stipend Application. For more information, contact Yaneth Correa at 719.549.2470 or​.​​​ ​​