Current Projects

Current Focus: Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry)

  • An annual internship-option research project in biology is supported through a partnership between the university and a local craft brewing company. A graduate student will be selected to study the life cycle of yeast involved in the fermentation process. This opportunity is considered a competitive and special-topic internship opportunity in the sciences.

  • A follow-up environmental health study is proposed to study the effect of heavy metal contaminants in select neighborhoods and community areas. Funding sources are being explored and potential partners include the Pueblo City-County Health Department, as well as multiple academic departments at CSU-Pueblo.

  • A partnership has been established with the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter to sponsor community-based events and support a current research study funded by the Administration on Aging and coordinated by the Alzheimer’s Association and CSU.

  • A vermicomposting research agenda is currently being explored and a search for external funding is underway. There are numerous potential partners to collaborate on this project including local restaurants and businesses that produce recyclable waste, community gardens, recycling and waste management companies, as well as city government.