Get Them to Go: RAGE Has Tools to Support the Online Instructor 


CartOnline learning gives students the flexibility to gain access to education from anywhere and at anytime.
In order to make their experience
rewarding and successful, they
need to be able to connect and
communicate with their instructors
as well as other students. RAGE
provides faculty with tools to
sustain an effective online learning
environment. Equipment is available
for instructors to check out who
agree to the terms of usage.
Please see the checkout form
for more details. Call 719.549.2470
to reserve equipment.

iPad 2

Includes case and writing stylus for easy transportation.

ASUS G74S Laptop

Loaded with Adobe Creative Suite including video editing and production software.

Hitatchi Projector

High definition projection system with USB and HDMI ports.

Bamboo Capture writing tablet with stylus

Connects to any computer using USB cable; turns your computer into n interactive screen.

Canon Vixia high definition video camera

Produces high quality video; easy to use and transport.

Sony stereo digital portable microphone

Records up to 500 hours of audio; MP3 output.

Logitech high definition webcam

Connects to any PC or laptop by USB; built-in mic for clear and comprehendible conversations.

Kodak Play Touch USB video camera

Easy to use and very portablel; USB plugs into any computer for quick access to video.