Travel Summary

Step 1

Before you travel...

  • Seek approval to travel from department – (Plan early)
  • Apply for State Travel Card (Citibank Visa) (Allow 2 weeks for card to arrive)
  • Obtain Travel Request and Authorization Form (TRAF) from accounts payable (when out-of-state-travel, airline ticket, or non-ATM advance is involved
  • Give T# from TRAF to approved travel agency if purchasing airline ticket. The University is currently using 1) Travel Society and 2) New Horizons Travel.
  • Use Procurement Card or Check Request to pay conference/event registration
  • Use Check Request to pay lodging deposit (if required by hotel)
  • Look up maximum meal reimbursement (per diem) rates and lodging expense guidelines for destination
  • If international travel, review travel warnings and health alerts
  • If renting vehicle, use your State travel Card with state contracted agencies: Avis, Budget, Enterprise or Hertz

Step 2

During your trip...

  • Keep conference schedule (showing which meals were provided)
  • Keep original itemized receipts for all rental car gas & lodging charges.  Keep original itemized receipts for other charges if over $25
  • Separate non-reimbursable personal expenses (dry cleaning, magazines, alcohol beverages, etc.   

Step 3

When you return...

  • Prepare Travel Reimbursement Sheet (TRS) for eligible expenses that will not be reimbursed by any other entity (not allowed): personal expenses, recreation, meal per diems if meals provided at conference)
  • On TRS under “remarks” indicate what travel was for:  Example:  Attend HACU Conference in San Diego, California from October 5, to 0ctober 8, 2012.
  • Attach mapquest: 1) for mileage to and from destination if vehicle is used or 2) to and from airport if airline is used.
  • Attach required receipts/proof of payment, conference schedule, etc.
  • Staple/Tape small receipts securely to separate piece of paper, staple to TRS form
  • Reimbursement claims for travel should be submitted within a reasonable time, normally 60 days following completion of travel. (Exceptions to the 60 days require explanation/justification and approval by the appropriate Vice President to avoid tax implications.


  • As provided in CRS 24-9-104 – New Mileage Reimbursement Rates Effective July 1, 2013
  • Employees traveling on official state (university) business using their own vehicles will be reimbursed the amount of fifty cents (.50) per mile

Useful Websites for Travel: