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Building & Construction



  1. To describe procedures for requesting the remodeling or physical modifications of building structures at CSU-Pueblo.
  2. To insure proper coordination and approval of construction remodeling projects.


  1. The following set of procedures is required to request a physical modification to the interior or exterior of a building structure on the campus of Colorado State University - Pueblo, including painting and remodeling.
  2. All projects will be coordinated through Facilities Management whether the work is performed internally or by an outside contractor. Purchasing will only process requests received from Facilities Management.
  3. The repair of existing, permanently attached portions of a structure is not subject to this policy.


  1. Part A of the attached Project Initiation Form is generated by a cost center manager and submitted to his/her unit head (i. e., Dean or Director).
  2. The unit head preliminarily reviews, modifies, and approves the project concept and requests a cost estimate by signing Part B of the Project Initiation Form and submits the form to Facilities Management.
  3. Facilities Management prepares a cost estimate for the unit head, including an internal or a contractor’s estimate and specifications. Facilities Management will determine whether to perform the estimate internally or have it done by an outside contractor based on the size of the project and the availability of internal resources to perform the work. Some contractors charge fees for estimates and specifications, and these will be included in the cost of the project. Facilities Management will complete Part C of the Project Initiation Form and return to the requesting unit head.
  4. After receiving the cost estimate from Facilities Management, the unit head will determine whether or not to proceed with the project.
  5. If the decision is to not go forward, the unit head will complete Part D of the Project Initiation Form and return the form to Facilities Management.
  6. If the decision is to go forward, the unit head signs their approval on Part D and forwards the form to the appropriate Vice President.
  7. In all cases, the appropriate Vice President or President must sign Part E of the Project Initiation Form.
  8. If the funding source is a construction account, the Vice President for Finance and Administration must sign Part E of the Project Initiation Form for final approval
  9. If the funding source is an institutional reserve account, the President must sign Part E of the Project Initiation Form for final approval.
  10. The fully executed Project Initiation Form is forwarded to Facilities Management with copies to the unit head and the appropriate Vice President.
  11. If the funding source is a construction or reserve account, Facilities Management will work with the Procurement Office to set up the appropriate construction account in the 509 fund. Only Facilities Management may charge expenditures to a 509 account. (If the funding source is an operating budget, those funds will be transferred to a 509 account.)
  12. Facilities Management finalizes bid specifications for review and approval by the unit head.
  13. If the work is to be performed by an outside contractor, Facilities Management forwards the completed Project Initiation Form to the Procurement Director for placement on the State Bid System. (NOTE: Projects between $25,000 and $150,000 must be advertised on the State Bid System a minimum of 5 days before a contractor can be identified and a bid accepted.)
  14. Facilities Management acts as liaison between the CSU-Pueblo customer and outside contractors who will only perform work approved by Facilities Management. It is the responsibility of Facilities Management to assure building code compliance and future maintenance feasibility.
  15. Facilities Management conducts intermediate and final inspections with the outside contractor, if appropriate, and a representative of the Dean/Director.
  16. Facilities Management authorizes payment to the contractor.