Resources for Affected Employees

The CSU-Pueblo Human Resources Department would like to offer the following resources to employees whose positions will be eliminated due to budget reductions for fiscal year 2014-2015.

Contact information for Colorado State University-Pueblo

Human Resources is located in the Administration Building, Room 306, phone 719.549.2441, fax 719.549.2902.

For issues related to classified state rules contact:

Position ​Name ​Phone ​Email
​Director of Human Resources ​Ralph Jacobs ​719.549.2256

For all questions pertaining to Faculty and Administrative Professionals contact:

Position ​Name ​Phone ​Email
Human Resources Associate ​Susan Benesch ​719.549.2076

Retirement and Health Care Coverage

Faculty and Administrative Professionals please see Susan Benesch for: PERA, TIAA-Cref, or Valic contact information, the current status of your benefits, to receive a COBRA packet if applicable, plus leave payout if you qualify.

Classified employees please see HR for information concerning your PERA retirement account and status of your COBRA paperwork. Your COBRA paperwork packet will be issued via the State.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

  1. You may pick up a “Helpful Facts About Unemployment Insurance Benefits” brochure in Human Resources
  2. You can also get more information about employment at, estimate your benefits before filling a claim.
  3. You may also watch an 18-minute video on the UI program at:
  4. Register for work at Required for Unemployment.

Register with your local Workforce Center

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment offers a variety of services to assist job seekers. Please use the following Workforce Center website to find Workforce Center locations and learn about Job Seeking Services:

Applicant Services include:

* The provision of Layoff Transition Workshops at a time and location designated by the employer. Generally workshops are held at the worksite during normal working hours, as soon as possible after employees are notified of the pending layoff. Workshops can include information on these subjects:

  • How to access and be prepared to use the Colorado Workforce Centers available to provide free outplacement and job search assistance.
  • Financial management
  • Stress management
  • Community support agencies
  • Labor market information and labor market research resources available
  • Resume writing
  • Use of the Internet for job search
  • Identification and use of transferable skills
  • Identification of possible job retraining resources available to those in need of updating skills
  • Job search hotlines
  • Unemployment insurance
  • The Dislocated Worker Program

Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling of Colorado Springs offers financial life events counseling, specifically in regards to Job Loss. They may be contacted at:

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

The FINRA website offers: Job Dislocation: Making Smart Financial Choices after a Job Loss

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program

Contact today at 303-866-4314, toll-free 800-821-8154,

Information pertaining to Classified Staff

To access State Classified Appeal Rights:

Classified employees are eligible to transfer to other state agencies in the classifications in which they are certified. Classified employees may call other agencies that have openings in their certified classes and request direct transfers. It is at the discretion of the other state agency to accept a direct transfer.

Job Search resources:

Local Job Search Resources:

National Job Boards: