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If you have questions about CSU-Pueblo that have not been answered below, please contact us at the following information:
Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo CO 81001-4901
University Operator: 719.549.2100 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to attend CSU-Pueblo?
How do I pay my student’s bill?
I will be paying my student's bill, how will I know how much it is?
What kind of health care is available on campus?
How does my child know what resources are available on campus?
What is FERPA?
When is a student protected by FERPA?
As a parent, what am I allowed to access under FERPA?
Can my son/daughter grant me access to their education records?
For emergency purposes. How can I contact my son/daughter?
Where do I call with questions about FERPA
Where can I stay when visiting my son or daughter?
How do I get to CSU-Pueblo?