In order to obtain the appropriate student visa (F-1), please take the following documents to an American Consulate: 

1) Colorado State University-Pueblo acceptance letter 
2) I-20 Form 
3) Financial guarantee documents 
4) Proof of SEVIS fee payment

After presenting the above-listed materials to the Consulate agent, the visa stamp should be placed on a valid passport and may expire around the time of graduation. Do not be concerned with the expiration date, only with obtaining the F-1 visa.   “Colorado State University-Pueblo” should be listed under the Visa Annotation.  The documents must also be presented upon entrance into the United States. Make certain to use the CSU-Pueblo I-20 Form to study at our institution. 

Canadian students can receive F-1 visas at the USA border by simply presenting the above-listed documents to an Immigration inspector. 

Do not attempt to obtain a visitor’s visa for entrance into the United States. All persons, intending to be students, must have an F-1. A successful change of visa from a B-1/B-2 (or any other American visa) to an F-1 cannot be guaranteed following arrival in the United States.