Employment opportunities are very limited to international students (F-1 visa holders), especially those who have not been in the United States for at least one academic year and/or are underclassmen in the respective major fields of study. However, some options are available and have proven successful for previous international students at CSU-Pueblo. Remember, an American Social Security number is required in order to obtain/accept any type of employment on or off campus. 

In order to obtain off campus employment permission, the student must be in good Immigration standing for minimally one-year before becoming eligible to apply for an off-campus work permit.

On-Campus Employment

Student Hourly
International students can hold on-campus jobs which are "Student Hourly" funded (versus work study or financial aid funded). If a job opportunity becomes available, a student should not accept it without first checking into necessary qualifications/restrictions for acceptance of such a position. This type of employment does not require Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services approval, only acknowledgment by the International Student Advisor. 

To receive an assistantship, students must first be accepted for admission by CSU-Pueblo, establish an academic record, and then compete for a position. All assistantships are awarded by the appropriate academic department based upon available funding, strength of the student’s CSU-Pueblo academic record, and existing financial need.

Off-Campus Employment

Curricular Practical Training
This type of employment opportunity is available to those students whose major fields of study require an off-campus internship which affords a salary to participants. This type of employment does not require Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services approval, or a formal work permit.  It does require, however, a recommendation by a student’s academic advisor and the International Student Advisor. A specific job offer must be made to the student before the endorsement (approval) can be given. Other conditions must be met as well.

Optional Practical Training
Two types of optional practical training are available: pre-completion of studies and post-completion of studies. Several restrictions apply in both opportunities. In either case, a student must be in good F-1 student status for at least one academic year prior to beginning the application process. Approval is required from the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services, including receipt of a formal work permit, as well as a recommendation from the International Student Advisor

Severe Economic Hardship

For those students experiencing unforeseen economic crisis, an application can be made to the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services requesting permission to work off-campus based on such sudden circumstances. Again, all students must have been in good F-1 status student status minimally one year prior to submitting the application requesting a formal work permit. 

Final Note: Securing a position on or off campus cannot be guaranteed and is subject to existing Immigration laws.  Please see or visit an international advisor in CIP to discuss employment issues.