International Access Grant

Intl. Grant Eligibility Requirements

  1. International Students must attend ORIENTATION  prior to beginning classes.
  2. Be in-status by IMMIGRATION LAW with F-1 Visa
  3. Complete INS Transfer form verifying good INS status at your previous American school (if necessary).
  4. Must have a minimum incoming grade point average of 3.0 (On 4.0 scale)
  5. Maintain *full-time enrollment
    1. Undergraduate Students  -  successful completion of 12 credit hours, minimally per semester
    2. Graduate Students  - successful completion of  nine credit hours, minimally per semester
    3. Graduate credits must apply toward prerequisite and core courses only.
  1. The Intl. Grant is available for the first consecutive Fall and Spring semesters(no grant in summer).  The grant amount increases with class standing.          

  (Other Restrictions May Apply)