Core Courses
The ELI program consists of four proficiency levels which are offered in three semesters per year.  Full-time students receive 280 hours of instruction per semester.
Course Number            Course Title
ESL 065                          Beginning Reading/Writing
(pending approval)
ESL 066                          Beginning Listening/Speaking
(pending approval)
ESL 075                          Intermediate Reading/Writing
ESL 076                          Intermediate Listening/Speaking
ESL 085                          High-Intermediate Reading/Writing
ESL 086                          High-Intermediate Listening/Speaking
ESL 095                          Advanced Reading/Writing
ESL 096                          Advanced Listening/Speaking
Elective Courses
ELI offers elective courses based on student interests and needs as enrollment permits.  Topics include Pronunciation and TOEFL Preparation.
ESL 091                            Special Topics
Friday Afternoon Activities
Friday afternoon activities are scheduled on most weeks.  These activities allow students to explore the campus, the Pueblo community, and the state of Colorado.  These activities sometimes include a small charge for participants.
English Policy
Students are required to speak English within the classroom and when participating in ELI activities. Communicating in English helps develop listening and speaking skills more quickly.

Course Descriptions
Core Courses
Reading (5 hours/week, M – F)
The Reading curriculum is designed to provide students with both the skills and the practice that is necessary for them to function successfully in U.S. university courses where academic reading is required.  Students will acquire new vocabulary.  They will develop effective reading strategies for different types of tests. All students participate in an Extensive Reading (ER) program in order to increase their reading fluency, provide them with choices and variety in their reading materials, and improve their overall reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Writing (5 hours/week, M-F)
The Writing curriculum is designed to provide students with both the skills and the practice that is necessary for them to function successfully in U.S. university courses where academic writing is required.  Students will acquire new vocabulary and spell it correctly.  Working on closely related reading and writing assignments, students will develop proficiency in understanding what they read and in thinking, drafting and revising their own ideas in writing by working through the writing process with input from their teachers and classmates.  They will learn to use and document outside sources.
Listening/Speaking (10 hours/week, M – F)
The main objectives of Listening/Speaking are to provide students the opportunity to improve their listening and speaking skills in English as well as to gain confidence in using these skills.  Students learn and practice appropriate skills in conversation management, receive instructions regarding problem areas in pronunciation, and learn appropriate vocabulary.  These objectives are accomplished by means of a variety of classroom activities which focus on everyday situations that students are likely to encounter as they adjust to life in the U.S., ranging from informal conversations to college-level lectures.

In order to provide students with the basic grammatical structures that they will need to communicate effectively in English, grammar instruction is integrated into both skill classes.  The emphasis is on communication, both comprehension (listening and reading) and production (speaking and writing).
TOEFL Preparation (2 hours/week)
The purpose of this course is to develop and reinforce the test-taking and content-related skills necessary to pass the TOEFL exam.  Students will learn to:
• Identify strategies to analyze and interpret exam questions.
• Identify and restate the main idea in both spoken and written passages of English.
• Identify incorrect grammar.
• Identify and practice test-taking strategies for the TOEFL exam.
Pronunciation (2 hours/week)
The purpose of this course is to develop the pronunciation skills necessary for students to speak and to understand spoken English.  Students will learn to:
• Identify sounds and features of rhythm through listening recognition exercises.
• Differentiate between vowel sounds and choose the appropriate vowel sound for vocabulary words.
• Pronounce consonant sounds correctly, focusing on consonant clusters and difficult consonant pairs.
• Increase vocabulary though pronunciation work.