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Colorado State University-Pueblo's Center for International Programs can arrange study abroad opportunities at universities in Asia, Europe, and Mexico. Under these programs, CSU-Pueblo students can study abroad for the cost of regular CSU-Pueblo tuition and fees. Students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships continue to collect these benefits while studying in another country.  

Some of the universities in Asia and Europe, at which CSU-Pueblo students can study, offer free language instruction in the summer. One year of college-level foreign language instruction is required for studying in a non-English speaking country. This academic year, CSU-Pueblo students are studying at universities in Italy, France and Germany. 

Non-refundable application fee of $40.00 will be necessary for Study Abroad students.
For more information on the possibility of studying abroad, please contact Heidi Laino, for an appointment at (719) 549-2764 or

Exchange Programs

Exchange StudentsColorado State University-Pueblo has signed Exchange agreements with the following universities: