Interest Based Community

CSU-Pueblo StudentsInterest based community floors (IBCs) are floors with designated theme or requirements to live on the floor.






Art, Music, & Media

This community is designed for those who have a passion for the visual and/or performing arts and popular culture. Students residing on this floor can expect to attend local art shows, museum exhibits, concerts, theatrical productions, and be a part of the latest in pop-culture.

First Year Adventure

This community is designed for First-Year CSU-Pueblo students. This floor encourages freshman students to connect with their peers, faculty and staff through participation in various activities important to first-year students. It offers a series of programs designed to help students successfully transition to CSU-Pueblo.

Healthy Lifestyles

This community is designed for individuals who are committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle both on and off campus. The programming is geared around health and wellness education, community outreach, exercise programs, and social opportunities geared towards healthy living. Students residing in this community are expected to share community standards that include being drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

Honors Floor

The Honors floor is managed by the Honors department, and only students who receive a specific scholarship may reside on the floor.


This community is designed to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and educational environment for students who have an interest in international languages and experiences, students that are preparing to study abroad, students that are returning from studying abroad, and international students attending CSU-Pueblo. By participating in this community, students are able to feel more prepared when traveling abroad, those returning to the university will have a smooth transition back to CSU-Pueblo life, and International students will have a welcoming community adjust to America. The language department faculty is regularly involved in this community.

Nursing/Health Professions

This floor is a multidisciplinary community focused on the health profession. This community is for anyone who is majoring in a health profession (Nursing, Pre-Med, Neuroscience, Pre-pharmacy, etc). This community will foster the exploration and development of the professionalism that is at the center of a career in the health profession.
Programming will include exploring the health profession culture in the Southern Colorado area, bringing in local professionals from the field, faculty involvement, and study sessions.

Quiet Floor

Students residing on this floor must abide by the quiet hours rules at all times. This means residents and their guests are expected to avoid making noise that can be heard outside the resident’s room and to avoid excessive noise in the hallways and in common areas in and around the residence halls. 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect during exam periods.

Outdoor Adventure

This themed community is designed for students who enjoy a variety of easy to moderate outdoor activities. Students who participate in this community can expect to live around those who share a passion for the outdoors. Programming includes outdoor activities in the Southern Colorado area and one big overnight excursion.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

This community is for residents interested in the study of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. Students will explore various areas of science through faculty lectures, field trips, various academic resources, and develop strong peer networks to promote academic success.


This floor is occupied by same-sex students only, and visitation hours may be instituted per community request.