Student Dining

Students Dining

Meal Plans

A meal plan is required for all students living in University housing.

*All rates are per semester

Meal Plan Option Plan Rate
Unlimited Meal Plan with $0 Dining Dollars (Unlimited meals per week) $2,000
17-Meal Plan with $50 Dining Dollars
14-Meal Plan with $75 Dining Dollars
12-Meal Plan with $125 Dining Dollars

Dining Services Information

For more information you may go to the Dining Services website at

Don't Lose Your ID Card

You are required to present your ID card upon entrance to the Columbine Cafeteria at each and every meal. We urge you to keep your card secure at all times to avoid replacement fees. A $10 fee will be charged to replace a card that is lost, damaged, or stolen. Only the student to whom a card is issued is authorized to use it.