Benefits FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the benefits of employment at Colorado State University-Pueblo!  Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions that will aid you in understanding, accessing, changing, and utilizing the employee benefits.


 Medical | Dental | Life and AD&D | Disability | Flex Spending

When do benefits begin?
When must I enroll in benefits?
What Health plans are available?
What Dental plans are available?
What do benefits cost?
When can changes be made to benefits?
How do I know if a doctor or dentist is a participating provider in the medical/dental plans?
What does pre-tax and post-tax premium mean?
How long can I cover my dependent children on the health and dental plans?
Is there a pre-existing condition limitation on the health plans?
Is a vision plan available?
What happens to my benefits when I leave employment?
What life insurance benefits are available?
How do I update and/or change beneficiaries?
What disability programs are available?
What is a flexible spending account?

 Leave Programs

How much annual and sick leave do I earn?
How do I request annual and sick leave?
I have a vacation planned, how will I know if I have enough leave to take this vacation?
How can I confirm the number of days of annual and sick leave I have remaining in my accrual bank?
Is sick leave available to use for other family members?
What is the bereavement policy?
What is the holiday schedule for CSU-Pueblo?
I have been summoned to jury duty. What do I do?

 Retirement Benefits

Do you contribute to Social Security?
Am I eligible for Colorado’s Public Employees Retirement Plan (PERA)?
Am I required to participate in a retirement plan?
What retirement options must I choose from as an employee?
Does the University contribute to my retirement?
What deferred compensation plans are available?
When can I enroll in the deferred compensation plans?
How do I change the investment options in my retirement plan?

 Other Benefits

How does the Tuition Reimbursement program work?
How does the Tuition Scholarship program work?
What are the Work/Life Benefits?