Current University Data

Fringe Benefit Rates as of July, 2014

Faculty & Staff


Classified Staff


Non-student Hourly


Graduate Students




Indirect Costs/F&A as of July, 2014

48% of  salaries and wages for all personnel  (not including fringe benefits). This is for federal grants.***

A limited number of programs may have different requirements. For non-federal grants IC rates may be negligible. Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for specifics

***Check periodically; rates are subject to change.

CSU-Pueblo Statistics as of July, 2013

*percentage of minority s​​tudents – 42%
*percentage of first generation students – 36%
*percentage of students who attend only part-time – 20%
*percentage of students who live in poverty – 40%
*current enrollment of CSU-Pueblo - 4868
*does CSU-Pueblo have the largest minority student population out of the 13 state funded institutions – Yes 42%
*percentage of student body that self-reports that they are Hispanic (29% )/and of these students, what percentage are low income – 59%
*percentage of CSU-Pueblo students who rely on financial aid of some kind – 83%
*percentage of CSU-Pueblo students who are at least 24 years of age – 33%
*percentage of CSU-Pueblo students who are responsible for the care of at least one dependent – 19%
*percentage of first-time, full-time students who are retained and enroll in the second year – 65.6%
*STEM disciplines – percentage enrolled that identify themselves as minorities – 42%
Note: Analysis is based on fall 2012 CSU-Pueblo on-campus final AIS frozen data and FY12-13 financial aid data.