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Webinar Companion Grant Development

February 1 and March 7, 2013    2:00 to 4:00 (EST)

This two-hour webinar provides follow-up instruction best serving former participants of the Professional Grant Development and Non-Profit & Educators Proposal Development Workshops.  The Companion webinar focuses on continued development of proposals, questions and future direction.  Given the nature of past workshops, attendees have many unanswered questions and new project ventures upon returning to their institution or organization.  This webinar is geared to address those issues.

During this webinar participants will:

                Augment information for more advanced grant writing

Review proposals that participants have completed – three will be chosen

                Discuss specific class requests that arise during the grant writing process

                Overview the resubmission process, grant implementation/s and compliance

                Follow-up on plans for external giving within a sound and viable strategic plan.

Participants will join a live online meeting consisting of a feed of the instructor’s computer desktop and of the instructor.  This session will include direct instructor feedback.  A headset or microphone is suggested but not necessary; participants will be able to submit questions via text chat.  Participants receive additional information upon registration.

****To register:  Please visit our website: Or call us at 571-257-8864****

Cost:  $195.00