Federal Resources for Educational Technology  (FREE) -- More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group to make hundreds of federally supported education resources available at this web site.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation -- Programs to strengthen education in science and technology, to increase interest in these fields, and to understand and communicate to others the nature of careers in these fields have long been supported by the Foundation.  Increasingly important are opportunities presented by electronic technologies for learning outside the classroom.

Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) promotes the widespread availability and use of advanced telecommunications technologies in the public and non-profit sectors. As part of the Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), TOP gives grants for model projects demonstrating innovative uses of network technology. TOP has made matching grants to state, local and tribal governments, health care providers, schools, libraries, police departments, and community-based non-profit organizations.

J.C. Downing Foundation - The foundation awards grants in the following fields: education and human development; environmental research and preservation; fine arts; sports and athletics; and technology and communication. -- This collection of nonprofit support opportunities with a national scope will help your organization get the technology resources it needs. If your nonprofit has a program that is addressing the digital divide, please check out these funding sources compiled by the Digital Divide Network.

Microsoft -- Microsoft sponsors the Instructional Grant Program to reward colleges and universities for innovative uses of technology in the computer science,engineering, and information systems curricula.   This competitive grant offers software licenses for Microsoft Visual Development Tools, and operating systems, in exchange for posting and sharing current curricula on the Academic Cooperative Web site.