J.C. Downing Foundation - The foundation awards grants in the following fields: education and human development; environmental research and preservation; fine arts; sports and athletics; and technology and communication.

Justice Information Center   --  fund researchers and practitioners engaging in specific criminal and juvenile justice projects. General financial aid for college study is not available.

NSF Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences -- makes grants and awards for social, behavioral, and economic research that builds fundamental knowledge of human behavior, interaction, and social and economic systems, organizations and institutions.

Dow Jones Newspaper Funding -- provides internships and scholarships to college students, career literature, fellowships for high school journalism teachers and publications' advisers and training for college journalism instructors.

Specific Funding Opportunities

ABC, Inc. Foundation Corporate Contributions Program
Manager, Corporate Giving ; 77 West 6th Street ; New York ,NY 10023-6298 (Spin 1799)
     OBJECTIVES: The sponsor provides support primarily to charitable organizations within its areas of operation. In its areas of operation, the sponsor has identified the following funding priorities: education,
arts and culture, civic/community, and health and human services. Funding priorities also include grants in cities where there are a large number of the sponsor's employees, i.e., owned television
and radio stations.
     RESTRICTIONS: While the deadline date is open, the sponsor reviews requests on a quarterly basis, in February, May, August, and November.
     The typical grant range is $1,000 to $10,000.  Applicants should submit a brief letter describing their organization and the proposed project.

Snow (John Ben) Memorial Trust ; 50 Presidential Plaza, Suite 106,
Syracuse ,NY 13202 (Spin 3773)
     OBJECTIVES: The sponsor funds projects in the areas of higher education, community improvement, disabled assistance organizations, and journalism.
     RESTRICTIONS: The deadline date above is for completed applications, and generally remains the same each year. Required initial letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.
     Grants typically range from $5,000 to $25,000, with some grants as high as $100,000. Priority is given to projects in the private sector and in small communities.

Robert H. Michel Civic Education Grants  - Priority will be given to the following disciplines: history, government, social studies, political science, and education.

Hillman (Sidney) Foundation Jo-Ann Mort, Executive Director;  c/o UNITE, 1710 Broadway,   New York ,NY 10019-  (Spin 4270)
     OBJECTIVES: The sponsor awards prizes for outstanding contributions relating to the protection of individual civil liberties, improved race relations, a strengthened labor movement, the advancement of social
welfare and economic security, greater world understanding, and related topics. Contributions may be in the fields of daily or periodical journalism, non-fiction, or radio and television. The sponsor's awards are offered in recognition of works completed.
     RESTRICTIONS: The deadline generally remains the same each year.
     Material may be submitted by the author, his/her publication or publisher, or by anyone connected with it. Only work published and appearing in 1998 is eligible for consideration. All written
contributions must have been published in 1998. Radio and television contributions must have been produced under professional auspices in 1998. 
     Prizes are $2,000 each. No funds are available for grants or scholarships, etc. Applicants should submit their work with a brief accompanying letter.