Information for Supervisors

Creating a New Job Description or Modifying an Existing OneStudent Employee

Please remember that posting of your new job description is done through AIS

Create A New Job Description or Modify An Existing Job Description

Supervisors - Please remember the employer (Colorado State University-Pueblo) must ensure that the employee completes Section 1 of Form I-9 by his or her first day of work for pay.  Employees may complete Section 1 of Form I-9 at any time between ac­ceptance of a job offer and the first day of work for pay.  For more information, please reference the Handbook for Employers.

Categories, Descriptions, Wages, and Definitions are listed below for your convenience.  Please use these as a resource when creating a new posting.  Supervisor forms are located at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

Job Categories and Descriptions


Library Aide, Gallery Monitor, Study Group Director, Teacher’s Aide, Test Grader, Peer Advisor, Interpreter, Translator, Grant Assistant, Research Assistant


Custodian, Fleet Manager, Grounds Keeper, Valet Parking 


Clerical Assistant, Office Assistant, Student Receptionist 


Parking Enforcement, Campus Security 


Child Care Assistant, Copy Center Clerk, Cashier, Mail Clerk, Games Room Attendant 


Assistant Coach, Athletic Aide, Trainer’s Aide, Team Manager, Lifeguard, ELC, Intramurals 


Audio-Visual Production, Photographer, Stage Technician, Computer Technician, Computer Programmer, Webmaster

Wage Rate and Definition

Level I     Minimum Wage-                 $8.50

Performs work of routine nature under direct or moderate supervision or within well-defined procedures and guidelines.  Requires little decision making. Few special skills and minimal experience required. 

Level II         $8.25-10.00

Performs work of average difficulty without direct supervision.  Includes jobs of increasing responsibilities.  Previous experience and special skills may be required. 

Level III        $9.75-11.50

Performs work of specialized or technical nature.  Requires advanced training and/or experience.  Student works independently and has a high degree of competence. 

Level IV     $11.25-13.00

Duties are varied and are moderately complex.  Substantial degree of responsibility and judgment.  May supervise other student employees.  Requires specific skills.  Makes independent judgments.

Level V      $12.75-20.25

Duties are specific and complex with the highest degree of responsibility.  This level is outside the general relationship of wage level to job description and is typically only available for graduate students.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Update and maintain your department job descriptions.
  • Obtain approval to announce your department job descriptions (CRA may be required).
  • Screen and interview potential student employee(s).  Confirm that they are enrolled in at least 6 credits for the semester and that they are work-study eligible (see PAWS award offer and class schedule).
  • Upon the offer of employment, Generate Automated Student Employment Referral before student employee begins working (CRA may be required).
  • Review time recorded for accuracy.  Requiring student employee(s) to log in and out of work each day ensures accuracy
  • Confirm student employee(s) has not worked more than twenty (20) hours per week while school is in session and thirty (30) hours per week for full time employment.  Remember the workweek begins on Saturday.
  • Approve and submit time recorded by student employee(s) to Payroll, by 5:00 PM on the 3rd working day of each month (It is recommended this be done on a daily basis)Late timesheets will delay a student's paycheck by one month! (CRA may be required).
  • Your permission is required if your student employee(s) works when scheduled class has been cancelled or ended early.  (It is recommended you obtain documentation to support this).
  • Your permission is required if your student works beyond regular University hours.
  • Monitor student employee(s) earnings. Your department will be charged for earnings that exceed the student's work-study award!
  • Conduct evaluations for your student employee(s) at the end of each year, or upon termination.
  • Read and understand the PDF IconStudent Employment Policies and Procedures​.

Supervisor Forms